The Key To Figuring Out Your Path In Life Is To Listen To Your Heart

by Samantha Bun

Have you ever been in such a dark place that it seemed nearly impossible that you would get out?

You thought you had everything in perfect order and then, all of the sudden, things got jumbled up. Your priorities become confused and the things that once mattered to you no longer did.

You started to shut out the people who are important to you and did your best to put on a sunny façade to the rest of the world. You were once so sure of yourself and then, a deep sense of uncertainty pervaded you. Everything grew to be meaningless and you absolutely despised yourself. Sound familiar?

Whether it’s the product of a break-up, being unsure of what you want or finding yourself caught in an unexpectedly horrible situation, many of us have been there.

Too often, times can get tough and it is really hard to see the light. You feel so alone because you think no one could understand what you’re going through.

It’s okay; you are not alone.

I have traversed my fair share of confusion in my life, simply because I can be irrational in my decision-making process. I act on impulse and take on more responsibility than I can handle.

Life strung me along in every direction I allowed and soon enough, I was doing too much that was not in line with my values or what I wanted to achieve.

Imagine feeling no control and being completely powerless. It got to the point where I felt like a bystander in someone else’s life other than my own; it made me sick.

The day it hit me, I bolted downstairs, ran outside and threw up in my front yard. I took a two-hour walk to clear my head, cry my eyes out and finally decided to take responsibility for my life. I was still confused but I knew I needed to reclaim my power.

So, I decided to try some guided meditations for clarity. The average person has about 50,000 thoughts that run through his or her head daily day, but by this point, I’m sure I hit a million.

At first, the words were cluttered, fragmented and scattered across my mind but after a week of meditation, everything grew to be as clear as day. The words disappeared and the images of my life started to flood in.

Visualization became key to my repair. I could picture my life as I wanted it to be and discovered that the sick feeling in my gut was actually my intuition alerting me that I was on the wrong path.

The truth is, I had known the answers all along but I never listened to my heart. I was so talented at being a people pleaser that I let myself grow into someone I didn’t want to be just so I could impress other people.

Everything started to make sense. When I finally pictured the life I wanted to live, my mind started taking action to make it real — everything I’ve done since is in complete alignment with my true values.

I feel at peace and centered with myself because I am finally doing what I want and what I love. The happiness I experience stems from the authenticity I feel within and with those who surround me.

When you are authentic, you open up to people around you and allow them to be open and honest with you.

If you’re lost or confused, take some time to listen to your heart — you’ll be surprised about how simple it actually is. Your heart carries the biggest secrets that your mind seeks to answer. It may come in the form of a dream, a desire or even something as simple as feeling love.

While we’re great at listening to others, we fail to listen to our hearts and ourselves. It is hard —you may not find all the answers you seek immediately, and that’s okay.

Give yourself the time to be still and listen, watch your world unravel and be receptive to the messages of the universe. It is all working for you.

And when you do hear the answers, your life will permanently change; the heart wants what the heart wants.

Photo via Source of Insight