The 4 People You're Going To Lose In Your Life And How To Get Over Them

by Alessandra Madrid

People walk in and out of our lives every single day. Whether for work, friendship or love, letting people into our lives is never easy.

Letting people in means being both vulnerable and responsible for whatever may happen between the two of you.

However, once you let someone in, he or she is in. This person is a part of your daily life, and we never really think of what will happen when he or she leaves.

If letting people in is hard, losing people is even harder. Losing someone means losing a part of you, as well. The people I’ve lost have taken away a part of my time on this planet and have shaped memories in my life I will probably remember forever.

Moving on from different types of relationships is inevitable, but each loss hurts in a different way and some will even hurt forever.

Here are a few different types of losses we all deal with while growing up:

The one you never had

They say you can’t lose something you never had. I beg to differ. If you were, for even the shortest amount of time, someone in my life, I had you. You had parts of me. I couldn’t have made it all up in my head. You took parts of my time by spending minutes, hours and nights with me.

You took a piece of my mind when you were suddenly part of my thoughts. You had my body when we were together. You took a piece of my heart when I began to care. You’ll always have that and you will never even know it. These are the people who hurt you and will continue to hurt you forever.

The one who disappointed you

Letting people in and trusting them is quite challenging for me. Life has taught us to be skeptical about everyone’s intentions and motives, but once I trust someone, he or she has my complete trust.

The one who disappoints me not only hurts me, but also makes me feel angry; angry at myself for wasting my time and trust on someone who never truly deserved it.

Then you're changed a little. This person takes away parts of your willingness to let other people in. He or she took and wasted your time and also took parts of the trust you have for yourself. Those intangible things will never come back.

The one who is here but isn’t

People change. People evolve and move on to whichever stage of their lives they chose to be in. The one who is here but isn’t is a different kind of hurt, because you haven’t really lost him or her but there’s that slight possibility that eventually you will.

It's the person who you can feel drifting away right in front of you. It’s the anticipation that hurts; the not knowing when he or she will go away and when things will forever change.

It’s the thinking back on how things used to be, how they are right now and how it all might disappear. People say you don’t know what you have until you lose it. The one who isn’t here makes you realize what you have and how you are slowly, day by day, losing it.

The one who went away

Losing someone to distance is inevitable. Life and its circumstances bring cities, countries and oceans between us and the ones we love. Of course there are still countless ways to maintain contact with the ones who go away; yet, it will never be quite the same.

The one who went away takes a part of your mind, a part of your soul that will never be yours again because he or she will be somewhere else; wherever that person is. Though this hurts, I count it as a blessing, as well.

Loving and hurting for those around the world gives me hope; hope for travel, hope to see them again some day and hope that in the end, I’m not as alone in this world as I think I am.

Photo via Tumblr