The 3 Simple Reasons You Haven't Been Reaching Your Personal, Professional And Financial Goals

Given this post’s title, I don’t doubt you're expecting me to blow your mind with some awesome technique to change how you work and live. While that may be my intention, it's up to you to do the work.

Consider the active components in your life right now: school, work, relationships, hobbies, free time, etc. Have you ever thought about why you are actually doing these things? I mean really thought about it, not just shrugging it off with a "just because" or an "I have to.”

What is your why?

If you can’t identify why you’re doing something, you may not be doing it very well. Knowing why we invest time into something provides our minds with the clarity necessary to utilize our energy better. Consider education: Did you ever reflect on why you went to your classes, or why you didn’t? Sure, everyone wants that piece of parchment certifying graduation, but what does a diploma really mean? It guarantees neither a job nor happiness.

It’s your job to figure out what kind of employment you seek to secure after completing your prerequisite degree. If you haven’t identified the type of job you want, graduation could be more anxiety inducing than having no education at all. It is easy to “figure it out later,” because you have “plenty of time.” But news flash: you do not — time is one of our most precious resources. If you’re not using it, you are losing it.

Quit the "just because" mentality

Maybe it was cute when you were a toddler, but it’s just not anymore. When your mom asked why you spilled your milk on the floor, you would say, "just because," but imagine doing the same when your boss asks why you failed to file a report. This will most likely end with: "You are fired." Not so cute now, is it? Maybe I sound like an ass, but honestly, many people of our generation could use a swift kick in one.

If you are only doing things "just because," you never really invest yourself in your agenda. This apathy is particularly prevalent in dating. Too often, we date people for what they do for us, not for who they are. You are only wasting someone’s time if you’re just along for the ride and not truly interested.

Seek passion

This seems simple: If you like doing something, keep doing it. Yet, we distract ourselves by worrying about scenarios that haven’t happened and minor setbacks. But, if you are passionate about something, you will fight to keep doing it. This is why people walk on tight ropes across the Grand Canyon and swim crazy lengths for no apparent reason. The only thing these goal-oriented people are doing differently is following their passions. They still hit roadblocks like you and I do, but they overcome obstacles because they have checkpoints in mind.

Take some time to think about your purported purpose in life. And if you aren’t sure, work to discover and create one. If you are sick of being knocked on your face by life, find out what makes getting back up worth the effort. It is always worth it, but you may need to find the desire to figure out why.

Life does not start when you are in the workforce or when you are retired. Life starts right now. Start living.

Top photo: HBO/How To Make It In America