The 25 Schools With The Lowest Rated Professors


If you think you have the worst professors in the United States at your school, you now finally have a benchmark to weigh your claim against.

The Center for College Affordability and Productivity has compiled a list of schools with the best and worst professors according to

RateMyProfessors is a website that allows students to rate their professors on easiness, clarity, helpfulness and even hotness.

The majority of the schools on the worst list came from the midwest and the east coast, which either means that these students are getting a worse education, or that they're more cynical. We're going with the latter.

Some of the schools on the list are highly esteemed institutions, with many of them specializing in fields like science, technology and engineering. The professors from these institutions could be brilliant, but due to the subject matter, the easiness grade would bump their scores down because their topics are especially difficult.

Here's the full list of schools!

25 universities with the worst professors

1. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (NY)

2. Michigan Technological University

3. U.S. Coast Guard Academy (CT)

4. Milwaukee School of Engineering

5. New Jersey Institute of Technology

6. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)

7. Widener University (PA)

8. St. Cloud University (MN)

9. Bentley University (MA)

10. Indiana State University

11. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

12. Central Michigan University

13. Minnesota State University, Mankato

14. Pace University (NY)

15. Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)

16. Seton Hall University (NJ)

17. Westminster College (PA)

18. Howard University (DC)

19. Iowa State University

20. University of Toledo (OH)

21. Truman State University (MO)

22. Illinois State University

23. University of Connecticut

24. Oregon Institute of Technology

25. University of Maryland