The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going To College In New York City


Many high school seniors spend a majority of their senior year contemplating where to go to school. Some are looking for that “real college experience” that includes tons of frat house parties and countless games of beer bong and flip cup.

Others go to college looking for a different experience: they want to actually learn, network and really set themselves up nicely for the future. Any way you look at it, New York City has some great schools with a plethora of networking avenues.

Why waste your time going to a school in the middle of nowhere when you can be thrown into the heart of one of the best and most diverse cities in the world, and try to make it there? Going to college in New York City is an experience like non other.

Basically, it starts out with the fact that New York is your campus, so your options are unlimited. There is no way you can get bored in this city. From the endless amount of daily activities to the extravagant nightlife you can experience in Meatpacking, it’s easy to agree that the New York college experience is a completely different one than that of another city.

Here are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe going to school in New York City.

25. When you realize you're in the elevator with all theater majors.

24. When you find out theater is an actual major.

23. When you hear someone goes to a pedestrian university.

22. The way you feel in class after leaving SL at 4 am on a Tuesday.

21. When you wake up with a one night stand in Williamsburg.

20. When you're snowed in and you realize the bud dealer is on your floor.

19. When you wake up somewhere in the Bronx because you fell asleep on the train.

18. When you can get water, condoms, and cigarettes delivered to you from your local deli.

17. When you trade in your meal plan for a Seamless Web account.

16. When you see a sorority or fraternity at your school.

15. When you hear people say they want to go out to a shitty bar.

14. When you realize someone is asking you to pay a cover at the door to a club.

13. When your classmates refer to a 'table' as 'bottle service.'

12. When you use your fake ID so much that you accidentally hand it to a cop.

11. The feeling of being told to 'wait just one minute' by a bouncer.

10. The moment she tells you she goes to NYU or Columbia.

9. The moment she tells you she goes to FIT.

8. What you promise yourself you'll be doing during finals week.

7. What you are actually doing during finals week.

6. When you pop an Adderall to study for finals at 5am after leaving 1 oak.

5. When you realize, in a city full of beautiful women, none of them go to your school.

4. When you bring your study outline to brunch as if you're actually going to study.

3. The struggle of catching a cab when you're 15 minutes late for finals.

2. When you're getting head in a taxi and the cab driver tries to say something.

1. When your potential one night stand can't sign you in to her dorm room at 4am.