The Things You'll Only Learn By Going To College In New York City

by Eddie Cuffin

College season is upon us, everyone is finishing their last minute packing to get ready for their long road trips to whatever school they go to in the middle of nowhere. This is the time when everyone is most hyped and it's impossible to hear them talk about anything else but the sick time they are going to have in college.

Non-stop jabber about all the frat parties they're going to attend, visiting the local bars, and all the banging they will be doing. Fortunately for us city dwellers, we have a completely different experience. While everyone is hyped to get out of the city, there are many of those who decided to stay and study in New York.

Many of the times, these other kids made fun of the city dwellers because they weren't going to have the 'real' college experience. Well let's see who gets the last laugh. While they may have had a great college experience, many of these kids overlook the fact that college isn't really meant to be fun, it's a time to prep you for the rest of your life.

While your friends were at frat parties, you were tearing it up in clubs, popping bottles with the models and networking with some of the industry's most elite people. While they were busy doing keg stands, you were out there giving champagne facials to any willing chick who was down to have champagne poured on her face. Now tell me that doesn't sound like fun? New York is a whole different animal when it comes to college life. Here are the 10 things we learned from going to college in NYC.

There are no days off, you have to go hard at all times.

New York City is the capital of the world and many people leave their homes to come here in search of better opportunities. Unfortunately, some people think just moving to New York will get them somewhere, most of the time these people don't end up making it and are forced to retreat back home battered and bruised. New York is a completely different jungle and there is no time for being soft.

Competition is fierce in this city and if you're not willing to do the work, someone else is. You will be out of a job before you can swipe your metro card to get on the subway. In order to keep yourself off the radar, you must work hard. Hard work and skill are the only ways you're going to differentiate yourself from the rest. In New York, you learn that there are thousands of people looking to take your position at any given time, so you must protect what's yours.

You have to be quick on your feet.

In this fast and bustling city, there is no time to waste. Every second is valuable and there is no time for people to sit and to baby you through your work. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and putting extra work on other people will not get you a good rep.

It's important that you stay on your toes and constantly soak in information like a sponge. You must develop the skill of being able to learn quickly and on the spot. There is nothing quite like being put into the fire and being expected to find your way out. Your ability to learn often and quickly will prove to be extremely helpful, especially in the beginning of your careers.

You truly understand that your network equals your net worth.

As stated in our previous articles, billionaires tend to hang around other billionaires. This is because they all motivate one another to do the best they can in order to produce the ultimate service or product. Not only do you want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals you want to be around those that will motivate and bring the best out of you.

Going to school in New York teaches you the importance of building your network. You may be able to move fast alone, but there is no way you're going to get far without a good team around to support you. Make sure everyone you associate yourself with brings value to the table.

New York's diverse people will only teach you how to be cultural chameleon and adapt to any situation.

New York is a truly diverse city with its inhabitants hailing from different backgrounds and cultures. The problem with many colleges is that they foster a very single-minded view because of the social bubble they produce. In New York, you may encounter 30 different nationalities each with their own view and way of going about things, especially business.

With just simple conversation, you can gain insight into a new world, that is why it is important to keep an open mind. Although New York is full of posers, there are plenty of individuals who know what they are talking about. These simple conversations can prove to be very helpful and it is one of the reasons why being open to new ideas can prove to be extremely helpful.

You grasp the importance of self marketing.

In such a diverse city that only seems to keep growing, it is important that you find ways to differentiate and to market yourself. There will always be an influx of people coming to the city seeking a better opportunity. In order to keep yourself valuable, you must gain a good reputation in the industry that you work in. The way people perceive you can be the difference between you closing big deals and you closing no deals.

Being a hard worker that makes his clients feel at ease will be the best way to build your reputation. Going to school in New York, you understand that you are under constant watch and all your work must be honest and close to flawless. Once your reputation is ruined, it is going to take a while to bring it back to the good side of things.

Time is your most valuable asset.

In this city, you truly gain an understanding for the value of time. You feel as if you're constantly chasing something as if you're never going to get ahead. Some people get anxiety attacks and can't deal with the pressure of having things do five minutes ago. This is what separates the strong from the weak. Many of your friends will move to the city expecting to be babied into their job roles.

Many times this is a rude awakening for your friends, as they are not used to working in such a fast-paced and high intensity environment. Because you've already had four years of experience going to school and working here, you can easily translate that into the work force. Although you hope for the best, it is going to be interesting to see which one of your friends can make it and which ones give up.

A Seamless account is better than a college meal plan.

A college meal plan may be great, but your Seamless account in the city is the truth. You can get food at any time delivered to you at any location. Not only that, but the service is online, so you never have to wait of the buffet line at school or have hundreds of kids touch your plate before you do. Once you get hooked to Seamless, you're hooked forever.

What can be better than choosing your food. paying for it online and having it delivered straight to your apartment while you sit home and watch movies or do your work?

You realize that frats and sororities are completely pointless and just another form of social climbing.

In New York, no one is going to judge you for what frat or sorority you were in. Although many people make a big deal about this in college it's just their form of social climbing. If you want to social climb in New York, you go to Meatpacking and watch the pros. No need to go through foolish little games and tasks in order to be someone's friend. In New York, it's not about how good you can clean your Big's rooms or how great you are at being someone's peon, it's all about the value you bring to the table.

No one is going to be your friend just because you guys are in the same group, you must earn it and bring value to the partnership. Being part of Greek Life also puts you in a bubble that kids post college somehow find hard to get out of. It's no longer a popularity contest out here, it's time you wake up and realize that it's all about your value.

Cornbread is nice, but creme brûlée is better.

When it comes to women, New York is full of a diverse variety from all over the world. The best part of going to school in the city is that you are not limited to just the simple American girls that go to your school. New York has people from all around the world and many Europeans and women from other exotic lands flood the city on a regular basis. Although American women are great, you easily get tired of them -- like we said, corn bread is good, but creme brûlée is on a whole different level.

Who doesn't want a foreign babe that barely speaks English and is adorned in the latest styles Europe has to offer? There's nothing like having one of these exotic pieces on your arm, you also get style points for going out with girls of a foreign land just because they will get the attention anywhere you guys go.

The most important part of school is getting out so you can start your life.

While all your friends are stuck in their social bubbles wasting four years of their lives just to have fun and find themselves, you are out here miserable in class listening to teachers who need to learn to keep up with the times. While you are in class all you think about is how you can't wait to graduate and start life. Four years of school have been quite the experience, but totally unnecessary.

You have learned more from roaming the streets of New York than in your classes. You know that there is more out there than just college and you're ready to attack the real world. Many of your friends will come back and start their corporate jobs, miserable and always whining about how the real world sucks and how much they wished to be back in school. Little do they know that the real world is what you make of it.