The Excuses You Need To Stop Making If You're Serious About Being Happy

by Ashley Fern

Excuses comprise the root of much of our self-destructive behavior. People make excuses to prevent themselves from achieving greatness. This is a horrible mistake to make in life because all you are doing is sabotaging yourself.

Seize each opportunity that is presented to you and immerse yourself completely. Do not make excuses because you will only hinder your own personal progress. If you want results, you need to stop making excuses. Work hard because that is the only way you will garner the largest and most beneficial results.

These are the excuses you need to stop making, starting today:

1. I’ll get to it later

Procrastination is a terrible problem that many people engage in far too often. By putting things off to the last minute, you will be forced to rush and when you rush, you tend to make errors. Honestly, you may never even get around to accomplishing this task if you are continually pushing it off for a later time.

2. I don’t have time right now

In the end, you will learn to regret all of the opportunities you passed on. If a chance is presented to you that you really want to take, then change your schedule and make the time. You never know if you will have this opportunity again, so you need to take full advantage of it.

3. Someone else will do it

This is an extremely lazy excuse and one we make far too often. Don’t leave something up for someone else to do that you can simply do yourself. We have all heard the saying, "If you want something done, then you have to do it yourself." No one can accomplish a personal task better than you can. Stop being lethargic and do what you need to do.

4. It’s too late now

Honestly, it is never too late to go after what you want in the working world. Maybe your degree hasn’t prepared you for the field you wish to work in, but you can always go back to college; there is no age limit for enrollment. Many people, if not most, have no idea what they want to study at the time and, as a result, pick a major completely unrelated to the career they want to have in the future.

5. It’s not my fault

Stop blaming others for your problems and bad decisions. As you grow older, it becomes more and more important to realize you need to take responsibility for yourself. Maybe you had a bad upbringing, but once you reach adulthood, the future is in your hands. No one else can be held accountable for your actions except for you. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be.

6. It’s too hard

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Hard work breeds success and profitability. Stop underestimating your skills, you are much more capable than you think you are. If you stopped making excuses and started taking actions, you will surprise yourself with your capabilities.

7. Now is not the right time

Time is our most precious and valuable resource. Everyone is given the same amount of time in any given day, but the manner in which you choose to spend this time is entirely up to you. If you have the resources to do so, now is as good of a time as any to accomplish your goals.

8. I have no luck

There is no such thing as pure luck, only the luck you create for yourself. You have to depend on yourself to create a great future; don’t be complacent and expect things to come to you. You need to be proactive and seek chances out. Do not take a backseat to life; go out and make things happen. Remember strategy is everything.

9. I’m too scared

Fear paralyzes people and holds them back from reaching their full potential. You never know if you can succeed if you never try. Remain positive — life is what you make of it, and although life can throw you some awfully big blows, you are fully capable of overcoming them.

10. I’m comfortable here, no reason to try anything else

Life is unpredictable and you never know what is coming next. Never ever get too comfortable; always be ready to change. When you feel complacent, then you are in repeat mode, doing things you already know and not learning anything new. How can you ever be truly happy if you spend your life repeating the same things over and over, day in and day out? The truth is you can’t, so go do something outside your comfort zone and feel the power.