You Can Text This Mattress Company At 3 AM When You Want To Hit Up Your Ex

by Talia Koren

Every night after I text my boyfriend, "Sweet dreams," I probably toss and turn for another hour before actually drifting to sleep.

Some nights, I just can't stop thinking about the future. When it's hopeless, I end up scrolling through Instagram for 45 minutes before trying to get that precious beauty sleep in.

I'm not the only person with this problem, and the mattress company Casper knows that.

That's why it came up with Insomnobot3000, a text bot that talks to you when you can't fall asleep and it's too late to text anyone else (read: your ex).

The chatbot is available for chatting between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am. All you have to do is text 844-823-5621 and chat away.

But why did Casper do this? Casper's head of communication Lindsay Kaplan said,

We wanted to make a bot that made 3 a.m. a little less lonely.

And we don't hate it.

Because the team used algorithms to create a bot that understands pop culture references and common phrases, you know Insomnobot3000 loves "Stranger Things" and "Seinfeld" just as much as you do. Get ready to talk about Netflix all night long.

It also enjoys conversations about breakfast and calling in sick to work. So, it probably gets along with most people.

I know having a conversation with a robot seems weird, but trust me, texting your ex at 3 am would be weirder. And you really can't do anything you'd regret in the morning while talking to this friendly bot.

So the next time you feel lonely and can't sleep, try hitting up Insomnobot instead of texting anyone who might just make your insomnia even worse. You can't get ghosted by a chatbot, can you?

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