#TBT: 23 Embarrassing Things You Did In High School That You Would Never Do Now

by Elite Daily Staff

Between frosted tips, foldover skirts and awkwardly waiting on the curb for your parents to pick you up, looking back on it now, high school was a pretty embarrassing time.

There are some experiences that still scar you, like when you suddenly got your period in the middle of a math exam, and there are others that are purely cringeworthy, like your entire prom photo album.

These moments, combined with extreme hormones and adolescent awkwardness, are why high school was the most mortifying time of our lives.

You hated it the first time around, so why not relive it all again?! Here are the 23 most embarrassing things you did in high school that you’d never do now.

1. Hook up with a lot of sweaty dudes at a school dance

Ah, the days when we falsely believed that you couldn’t get herpes from slobbering all over each other! You had one night to get it all in, so let’s all be grateful there were chaperones around. Now, you can barely stand most guys through one drink, let alone picture sucking face with them.

2. Steal your parents’ alcohol... and get caught

We’re way smarter about this now. Funny how stale champagne from the back of the cupboard can taste brand sparkling new when it’s your parents paid for it.

3. Wear Tiffany dog tag necklaces

Here’s a pro tip: Try selling it on Ebay. Or give it to your niece at a ridiculously young age. That sounds about right.

4. Smoke weed and panic

You’ve either given it up completely or have got that business under control. Adult bug outs are reserved for Maureen Dowd.

5. Act sober in the back of your dad’s car

There would most likely be six other friends piled in the backseat with you, so you prayed you wouldn’t all reek. When mom asked to kiss you before bed, you said it was the hand sanitizer. Getting drunk at family functions is, thankfully, now encouraged.

6. Have your fake ID taken away

Social homicide. That’ll set you back for weeks!

7. Ball so hard at a Sweet 16

...Just kidding, yes we would still do that. We’ve seen the “My Super Sweet 16” reruns on MTV and we’re still impressed. The fact that you’re dancing all out with a bunch of wildly pubescent teenagers only means you’ve still got it.

8. Pour vodka into water bottles

It’s the oldest trick in the book and, yet, it worked every time. Now, finishing an entire bottle of vodka sounds like the worst possible trick ever.

9. Shop at Abercrombie and Hollister

First off, there’s the overwhelming smell that’s more pungent than a frat boy who wears Axe. Then there’s the jean shorts that literally munch on your vagina for breakfast, but that we loved so much we had to buy in jean skirt version too. And there’s the half naked men traipsing around that made it unacceptable to shop with your dad and wildly awkward when you shopped there with your mom. No, we would never go back there again. Not even for the super slutty henleys.

10. Listen to your coach when he told you you sucked at softball

Reach for the stars! Who knows where you’d be now? Maybe crushing it at your office’s softball game, that’s where.

11. Drama, drama, drama

You never, ever want to go back to the high school drama of being in a girl clique (or out of it, for that matter). You can relive it all at a safe distance, like rewatching “Mean Girls.” But you have to admit one thing, those three-way surprise phone calls definitely made you stronger... and well-prepared for office politics.

12. Hook up with girls for attention

Amateur status. Thank God there weren’t cell phones, Snapchats and social media back then.

13. Wear Free People

I’ll be here all day.

14. “Dine” at 7-11, WaWa or the equivalent

Oh to have a young, sprightly digestive system!

15. Grow ridiculous facial hair

Guys still do this. It’s called “Movember.”

16. Share friendship bracelets

For guys, this meant those of the puka shell or hemp variety. For girls, this meant something beaded, found in the mall and that you weren’t the Karen.

17. Let your thong hang out

To be fair, not every girl did this. But those who did were usually flossin’ more than their a-holes.

18. Dress up as a CE-hOe on Halloween

Getting it out of your system early on is always a good thing ( the detriment of your horrified father).

19. Celebrate senior week like you’ll never be a senior again in college

Do you remember what your high school mascot was? Did you even like your high school’s team, or were you just playing along? Being a senior in high school is like finally understanding the jokes in “Clueless” -- you realize what it’s all about.

20. Pose for your yearbook photo

That was a bad choice. People will use that against you if you run for president one day.

21. Get violently sick from alcohol

Throwing up next to your bed is not a good look, but everybody’s gotta learn at some point!

22. Make out with braces

All the horror stories are true. There’s no right way to do it, you just got to go in, be brave and try not to be overzealous with the tongue or else you’ll need the "Jaws of Life" to free you.

23. Admit that you like high school

Do we sense someone peaking too soon!?