Victor Torres

Can I Wear This To Work? The Do's And Don'ts Of Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is a much-anticipated season, and once you become an adult, you get to spend 3/4 of your summer hours in an office—isn't growing up fun?!

What's even worse than wasting away prime beach hours in a cubicle is wasting away prime beach hours in a cubicle while dressed in uncomfortable clothes and sweating uncontrollably—like I mentioned, fun times.

When the weather gets hot and you're struck schlepping yourself to work, you may be tempted to push the boundaries of your company's dress code a bit. While you can get away with wearing certain summer staples to the office, there are others that are hard no-goes. Here's how the jury (“the jury” being me and my fashion degree) rules when it comes to wearing fun summer clothes to work.

Clingy or see-through fabrics

This one's a no, and it doesn't just apply to summer clothes, either. Anything that's going to stick to your butt (I'm looking at you, cotton maxi skirts) or give people a peek at your undergarments when you stand in the light should stay in the closet until the weekend.



Simone Becchetti

Another hard no. No exceptions. It doesn't matter if they're Bermuda shorts or hot pants, they should not go anywhere near your office. Ever.

Skirts without nylons

Celine Rahman

Some people will probably fight me on this one, but it's 2016 and I'm going to go ahead and give you permission to skip the nylons, ladies. Unless your company has explicit rules that say nylons are mandatory, you can forget about them in the summer.


Again, no. The one exception is if you wear them to walk to work and then change your shoes immediately. In this case, I guess they're allowed into the building, but as soon as you reach your desk, you better change out of those things.


Spaghetti straps

Formal tank tops

Hats or sunglasses (when you're inside)

Alexey Kuzma

You're probably going to break out your sunnies and baseball cap for the commute, but they should be stashed away once you enter the building. I don't care if it's part of your outfit—it's weird and rude when someone is walking around inside with a hat on. Go ahead and call me old-fashioned, but then take them off anyway. Thanks.