#StonerGirl: 8 Common Misconceptions About Female Potheads

Your eyes are closed, and the music is on.

The joint is passed, and you inhale.

Your eyes open, and you’re the only woman in a room full of guys.

In 2015, weed is as common and prevalent as it was in the '70s, as more and more states legalize and decriminalize marijuana.

For guys, it’s almost a given that he smokes, deals, does both or knows someone who does.

"Come over and chill" nearly implies smoking for all people in their late high school and college years.

But for women, it is seen as a “bad girl” vice. A stigma is attached to women who smoke weed recreationally.

They are presumed to be on a track to nowhere, and they are viewed hard bitches.

But women who smoke weed don’t do it to inherit a label.

Smoking is a bonding ritual in and of itself, whether you’re having a solo dolo zen session or hanging with a group of friends.

It is meant to calm and relax the soul.

Smoking is a way to release one’s mind and chill, stimulating creative thoughts and wild conversations everyone laughs at, but can never remember the next day.

But what about the women who want to chill with no makeup on and smoke some weed with their girlfriends to blow off some steam?

Why are they looked down upon in society?

Here are eight stereotypes of female stoners that need busting:

1. Women who smoke weed don’t have their lives together.

Smoking weed can be an all-day activity or a quick hit before venturing back out into the world.

Just because there was time in the day to spare for unwinding, it doesn’t mean there was nothing to unwind.

As society puts more and more pressure on individuals to succeed and work until they die, relaxation is needed more than ever.

Take Rihanna, for example. Bad girl Riri wouldn’t still be kicking ass if weed made her less productive.

2. It will never get you anywhere.

Most women keep their smoking habits to themselves and their friends.

Women are devoted to their careers and passions, which are sometimes stimulated by smoking weed.

Marijuana is used not only recreationally.

It is medically prescribed to people who are anxious, have trouble sleeping, can't eat or endure physical pain.

It is a herbal supplement with the purpose to help calm you and give you a break in the day.

In social settings, if you're asked if you smoke and respond, ‘"Smoke what?" you probably became instant BFFs.

It's a bonding experience between old friends and new.

3. She’s a bad seed.

Women seem to be perceived as bitches or aggressive if they smoke weed.

The fact is, women who smoke are mostly women who like to chill.

When a woman is looking to smoke, it means she wants to sit down with her close friends, light up and relax.

Weed is a calming vice that usually diminishes any angry feelings that may be bottled up inside.

She’s looking for an environment that is peaceful and conflict-free, not tense or rough.

4. She can’t hang out without smoking.

Since smoking weed isn’t as common with women as it is with guys, you most likely have friends who don’t smoke.

Some of them may fear you can't hang out with them (or anyone) without smoking.

Even if you smoke before spending time with them, you are there to be with them.

Weed is not required when sitting down with someone.

If they are true friends, all you need is their company to have a good time.

Women who smoke are always looking to hang out with others, smokers or non-smokers.

To them, it’s simply about the environment and company.

5. She does it solo, not socially.

Smoking weed is an art, not an addiction.

For most stoner chicks, there is something to be said about the type of piece you have, if you can roll and if you can do tricks.

Smoking is usually and preferably enjoyed with friends. It is a social and mellow substance.

There are times when no one is around, or you’re only home for a minute and need a quick moment to smoke and reestablish balance in your mind.

It is as much a personal vice as a group unwinding session.

Stoner women are social butterflies and at peace with themselves.

They are independent, and enjoy the serenity of solo smoking breaks, as well as with friends.

6. It makes her hard and mean.

Women who smoke receive the most judgment from other women who don't.

In most cases, any guy will say stoner chicks are better than women who drink to blackout four times a week.

But the true judgment comes from women who simply are not interested in marijuana.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to change minds, especially if they don't know you personally.

Their minds are mostly closed off from the idea of smoking weed, either from parental influence, media influence or the fact the interest was never sparked.

The best way to handle it is to show you are laid-back and friendly.

The weed has not made you hard or mean.

Their friendship is welcome, regardless if they smoke or not.

7. She’s only friends with guys.

There is something to be said for women who have more male friends than female friends.

Mostly, it's because guys are drama-free, less judgmental and down to smoke and chill.

However, women who smoke mostly enjoy the company of other women who smoke.

Girlfriends are healthy and needed in every woman’s life, stoner or not.

Just because a woman smokes weed, this does not mean she doesn’t surround herself with friends of both genders.

True friendship stems from commonalities, similar interests, hobbies and activities they can enjoy together.

Being friends with more guys than women does not make a someone bad.

It just means she is not the drama type.

8. She can’t stop.

Honestly, she may not want to stop.

But it’s not like she can’t.

As I mentioned earlier, no scientific evidence proves weed is addictive.

Marijuana is used medically because it may treat glaucoma, stop seizures and stop the progression of cancer cells.

The list goes on.

Weed is used for a variety of reasons for all types of people.

Whether medical, recreational, blunt or bowl, smoking weed is not an act that promotes aggression or violence.

(Let's be real: All you want to do is watch Netflix.)

Smoking weed ignites the mind with creative ideas and helps you focus on getting sh*t done.

Women who smoke weed are no different from guys who smoke weed.

Stoner chicks are chill, down-to-earth women who just want to be surrounded by good times and good friends.