10 Reasons Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Is The Only Job For Me

by Margaret Makrouhi

Throughout their lives, many women must ask themselves the million-dollar question, "Should I be a housewife or a working mom?"

Both have pros and cons.

Both are personal choices, and both have sacrifices.

In reality, it comes down to this: You work because your husband doesn't make enough money; you want the extra income and don't want to sacrifice your lifestyle; you would rather have a nanny take care of your kids or you're a single mom with no financial support.

In my opinion, if a woman wants to spend more than 40 hours a week working for a company, making them millions and making herself tens or hundreds of thousands, she should go right ahead.

That's her choice.

As for me?

Where are my babies at?

I'm a mama bear right down to my core.

I take care of my home, my husband and my babies.

My home is my throne.

Here is a list of 10 reasons my ass will be at home, happy and satisfied:

1. I want my children to feel my love.

I want to be the first one they see when they wake up and the last person who kisses them goodnight.

I want them to feel my affection in every task I do for them: preparing their meals, giving them a shower, taking them out, cleaning their bedroom and dressing them.

Everything I do for them I do out of affection, not obligation.

2. I want an emotional relationship with my children, not a financial one.

If I work and provide them with material items, our relationship will become a financial bond.

Sure, they may have the best clothes and best gadgets.

But once they have grown up and can provide for themselves, what is left?

3. I want to feed my children.

I'm a mama bear, which means I provide nutrition to my children.

I want to ensure they are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with the meals I have made for them with love and care.

Nothing makes mama bear happier than knowing her children are well-fed.

4. I want them to come home to a clean house.

Yes, that’s right.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” and “A messy bed is a messy head.”

I want my husband and children to come home every day to a clean, organized home.

I’m not saying it has to be a museum, but it can be perfect in a warm and cozy way.

5. I want them to know I am crazy.

I will be the force that guides their existence until they mature and find themselves.

People won't mess with them because they will know I'm a batsh*t crazy mom who will give them hell.

You want to introduce my teenager to drugs?

Come here, let me introduce you to my fist.

My child will know any action he or she takes will merit my discipline or affection.

One disapproving look from me will scare my child sh*tless, but one kiss will restore peace and bliss.

6. I want them to feel secure.

My children should never feel anxious.

They’ll be on time for school, and I’ll be on time when I pick them up.

If they forgot their lunch, they’ll know I’ll bring it to them.

They aren’t going to freeze their asses off during recess because they don’t have a hat or snow boots.

Being prepared all the time is impossible, but I’m going to do everything I can to be prepared for their safety and security.

7. I want to be responsible for their behavior.

If my child is a little sh*t, it’s because I am a big sh*t.

A child doesn’t grow up with behavioral issues unless he or she sees these issues demonstrated at home.

You have to be the one to teach your children manners.

Daycares, nannies and teachers can only do so much.

8. I want to witness their lives.

My husband and I created this human, and even though he or she came out of me, he or she didn't come from me.

I want to be there to witness my miracle, from infancy to adulthood.

I want to see it all.

9. I want to be their best friend.

My children must know their mom is in their corner, always and forever.

No matter what they say or do, I will hear them out without judgment, criticism or disrespect.

They are people in their own right, and they should be treated with dignity.

10. I want them to know my story.

Any second I am at work is a second I am not with my children, making memories and sharing stories.

My story is where theirs begin.

As they mature, I want them to know how I met their father.

I want them to know how many times I’ve fallen in love.

I want them to know what my childhood was like.

I want them to know my happiest moment.

They should know my favorite color, and I should know their favorite colors.

They should know what annoys me, as I should know what annoys them.

Even though our relationship is mother to child, it is also human to human.