How To Finally Start The Passion Project You Can't Stop Thinking About


Oftentimes, we find ourselves thinking about the direction in which we want to propel our lives. But we never take the initiative to begin to take these small steps forward. I'm referring to the true direction in which you want to steer your life. That is, an existence based upon thriving through your passions.

There are so many ways to manifest your passions into your daily living if you put in a bit of thought about how you can make it happen. You must show determination with regard to incorporating these very things into your routine until they become normal. Make this your passion project.

Though your passion project is not necessarily something you are engaging in with regard to your current career path, with time, you can alter this path. As an example, I worked in a mass-franchised coffee shop, a retail store and a telecommunications office over the past four years of my university education.

But I have only recently incorporated my passion for writing into my work schedule. I set aside time daily to reflect on new ways to get my writing out there for the public to read, and I spend a chunk of designated time on the creation of these pieces themselves. This is possible for any passion project: You can set aside time to pursue what you absolutely love doing, regardless of the passion.

We often lose our sense of purpose when we allow ourselves to get sucked into our mundane, daily lives that are devoid of our passions. We forget that it can be quite simple (or can become simple, with practice) – as well as rewarding – for us to take the time to do what it is that we love.

It renews our deteriorating tenacity. It also simply makes us happier, as we are partaking in something that, by nature, makes us content.

Another way I have been incorporating my passions into my daily life is by practicing visualization. Now, don't be put off because this sounds hokey. Basically, you put yourself in the frame of mind where you believe that what you want is already yours for the taking. The key is to be thankful for all the great things coming your way, in advance of actually receiving them. Feel grateful and feel the overwhelming happiness of receiving them.

Start by doing this for four minutes a day during a quiet time, such as right before you go to sleep. Then, gradually work up to about 10 minutes or so per day. You will see that it actually makes a massive difference. Be careful not to do it for too long though, or your mind will begin to drift. Then, you're not really focusing (which is the whole point of the exercise).

Simply allowing yourself to know that what you want is a possibility is enough to change your mindset and stop reeling against yourself. Remember: You're totally allowed to have and do the things that make you happy, whether you are currently incorporating them into your life or whether you soon will be.

Let me share one last thing with you that has helped me immensely in the past couple of months. On your computer, phone or even on a piece of paper, write down a list of the ways in which you will (not just "can") incorporate your passions into your daily life. Whatever they are, write them as if they are things you're already doing.

Write them in caps, even. Once you've established that this goal is yours for the taking and pursuing, you can precede it by writing a bunch of reasons as to why this is so. Why do you deserve this? You know exactly why.

Remember: It's not how you will come by these opportunities. It's about why it makes sense for you to have an opportunity to pursue your passions. Then, I want you to read them to yourself at least once every single day. Before long, you'll be thanking me. Read them until you believe them, and know that you totally deserve them all.

This really helps you keep a positive and goal-oriented mindset. This, in turn, enables you to be increasingly aware of the opportunities you have to pursue your passions more fully, as well as think of more ways to start you in that very direction. After two months of this practice, I legitimately began to feel so happy and confident in the very truth and availability of it all.

A little over a year later, through these affirmative reminders to follow my passion and discover new ways to publish my work (for my passion project of writing), I now have companies approaching me and asking me if I will contribute to the projects they have. All of this resulted from reminding myself once a day that there are countless unique ways to do what I love and make it a part of my everyday existence. Then, I put these ideas into practice.

There is an amazing, life-changing book called "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero. Look it up. Buy it. Read it.

I keep telling people to read it. My friends seem to be talking to me a lot about these issues lately. As we all come closer to graduating and starting our lives, we are all scared. I respond to these people with all these methods of staying positive and following one's passions. Then, I refer them to this book. Seriously.

By focusing on bringing my passion for writing into fruition, I was able to embrace every moment of it. I feel more confident that this regimen that I have incorporated into my life is worthwhile.

Let yourself change for the better. You deserve to be the happiest and most fulfilled you can be.