7 Reasons Soft D*cks Are Completely Underestimated In The Bedroom

Big dick, little dick, fat dick, skinny dick, soft dick, hard dick: I want to have experiences with all of them. But today, I want to talk about my female experience with a man's soft dick and all that it can do.

Here are the seven wonders of a soft dick:

1. The soft dick experiences orgasms.

That's right. It's a myth that only the hard dick experiences orgasms; a soft dick does, too.

For the men and women learning to love and play with a soft dick, I recommend a book called, "The Orgasm Answer Guide." The authors share that male orgasm is not about a hard dick. The nerves providing the pleasure and sensations for orgasms work the same, whether a dick is hard or soft.

2. A soft dick can be an aroused dick.

Often, in my practice, I work with men and their partners who experience a soft dick when what they expect to experience is a hard dick. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Partner: "I don't turn him on. He doesn't find me attractive."

Me: "What is taking place to cause you to feel this way?"

Partner: "He doesn't get hard anymore."

Me: "Do you feel the amount of hardness experienced by his dick is a measurement of his arousal and desire for you?"

Partner: "Yes."

Let's dump another myth. Many men are highly aroused and desire their partner, but will not experience a hard dick. For me, sexual expectations like "show me the boner" is a turn-off. A boner doesn't validate me as a lover, and it doesn't make me feel more desired.

3. A soft dick is better for oral sex.

I love the feel of a soft dick in my mouth. Have you ever tried it? You just simply must because it is so pleasurable.

According to one of the premier voices in sex education, Betty Dodson, I'm not alone in my adoration of this experience. Betty states that many women feel oral sex with a soft dick is better than oral sex with a hard dick.

4. A soft dick awakens the senses.

So, I'm open to the idea that I could have this all wrong, but sometimes a hard dick is darn right distracting. When my lover experiences a soft dick, I often find his senses awaken.

He focuses on caressing my skin and delighting in how I feel against his hands, body and mouth. He relishes in my entire being.

I relish in it, too. Oh how I love a full-sensory sexual encounter!

5. A soft dick can be a catalyst for a deeper connection and sacred sexuality.

In my work with couples, I find that creating a safe space within sexual experiences for a soft dick can lead to an increase in pillow talk, a greater sense of intimacy and a deeper connection.

Many of my couples will begin to explore tantra practices and other spiritual avenues of ecstasy and bonding. I love being a co-journeyer through this exploration.

6. A soft dick is a dick that can have penetrative sex.

There are many myths surrounding the dick to debunk, but this one is lesser-known and not often discussed. The soft dick can have penetrative sex using techniques such as the soft-entry method.

The soft-entry method rejects the experience of hard and fast and embraces slow, connected, full and contained. It can be extremely enjoyable for both partners.

If you're interested in learning more about this technique, I highly recommend reading "The Tao Of Love And Sex." It's an older book, but its contents are timeless.

7. A soft dick can be a liberating experience.

With magazines, social media, over-the-counter creams, pills and supplements, we are surrounded by advertising that is often misleading, false and harmful.

Men and women are socialized to believe a dick needs to look and perform in a certain way. Rejecting this notion and embracing our bodies for all of their beauty, wonderment and capacity to give and receive pleasure is an extremely liberating experience.