16 Signs You're An Individual In A World Full Of People All Striving To Be The Same

by Lauren Martin

I find myself preaching to my 14-year-old sister that if I had to do it all over again, I would most definitely be that kid in middle school who wore a cape. I’d be that kid with no shame, no sense of style trends and absolutely no f*cks given.

Because looking back on it, that kid was an individual while the rest of us adorning Abercrombie and Hollister sweatshirts were just copies, which, as we’ve come to learn, is much worse than being a weird kid in a cape.

For years, many of us lost our sense of individuality, adhering to the monotony of the masses and forfeiting all semblances of our true selves. We bought clothes we thought we liked because everyone else did and molded ourselves around a person we thought we should be. We monitored the way we dressed, talked and even the way we spent our time. We grew up looking for acceptance rather than our voice. We reached for mediocrity when we should have been reaching for that unique thing that would set us apart.

In a world that is increasingly dictated by the media, finding your unique voice and sense of self can be difficult. While everyone is telling you how to dress, how to talk and how to pluck your eyebrows, it can be hard to fight against the grain.

However, there will come a time when you finally do find yourself and, in doing that, become the individual you’ve always admired in others. Finally you will be the one dressing for yourself, saying what you think, and really not caring at all if you fit into someone’s mold. You will be free and, in that freedom, you will find respect.

If you're still not sure if you've fully found your voice and your own sense of identity, here are the true signs you're an individual:

You Never Follow Fashion Trends… You Inadvertently Start Them

Those who are truly individuals never wear what’s popular, but make their own styles popular. Individuals don’t care about trends and fads because they only wear what’s fashionable in their eyes.

You Never Fail To Give Your Opinion… Especially When It’s Not Accepted

Individuals don’t give their opinions because they like to talk, but because they have something worthy to say. They speak their mind because they have one that deserves to be heard and is always valued.

You Have Complete Confidence In Your Abilities… And Never Question Yourself

One of the core components of being an individual is confidence. They aren't willing to stand alone, against the crowd, without a high opinion of themselves. They know that they can achieve anything they desire most. However, they always know the line between confidence and cocky.

You Don’t Care If People Like You… It’s More Exciting If They Don’t

Being an individual means being different and being different always comes with flack. Not everyone is always going to like the one who is standing alone, making a statement, and only the truly secure individuals take judgment as a sign of accomplishment.

You Thrive On Finding New Things… And Hate When People Copy Them

Individuals can’t help but always be onto something new. Their lives are about deviating from the norm and stumbling upon new paths. They are wanderers who are always looking for something unique and original to add excitement to their increasingly dull surroundings.

You Don’t Enjoy Large Crowds… Unless There Are Diverse Languages And People

It’s not that individuals don’t like people, they just don’t like mindless chit chat. True individuals thrive in meeting new people so they can learn new things and revel in new opportunities.

You Like To Have Experiences Alone… Everyone Else Holds You Back

There’s nothing individuals love more than adventures by themselves. Whether it be walking the streets of their city or exploring a new one, they thrive in their own company and use their alone time as time to grow.

You Listen To Other’s Opinions… But Never Forget Your Own

A respected individual knows that refusing to accept or to listen to the opinions of others is arrogant and will only keep him or her ignorant. Individuals are open to different points of view, but never let anyone tell them their opinion is wrong.

You Find Yourself Giving Advice... More Than Taking It

Those who are confident in who they are tend to attract people. Both their confidence and self-assurance lead people to seek their approval and their wisdom. Because it takes years to become who you are, and people respect you when you’ve found yourself.

 You Can Define Yourself… Without Fumbling Around

Individuals know what they like and what they don’t like. They may have scattered interests, but they are defined. They know what type of music they like, their favorite directors and anything that helped to define who they’ve become. Because it’s those preferences, hobbies and interests that make them unique.

You Never Worry About The Opinions Of Others… But Know They’ll Have One

A sign of an individual is that they don’t acquiesce to the judgments of others. In a world ruled by stereotypes and stigmas, individuals refuse to let anyone’s opinion bring them down.

You Don’t Attend Things Because Everyone’s Going… But Because You Want To Go

In a world where Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are used to promote our popular social lives, individuals couldn't care less about documenting their outings, or going anywhere because it’s the place to be. They go where they want, when they want and refuse to let others dictate the hot spots.

You Are Constantly Showing People New Things… Because You Have A Lot To Show

Individuals are the ones who have the defined tastes that people respond to. They have music, movies and interests that intrigue and interest others, because they are different. They find trends, rather than follow them, making them guides to anything new and previously unknown.

You Don’t Care If You’re Standing Out… Because It’s Better Than Fitting In

You've probably been in that unfortunate circumstance where you’re over or underdressed. Individuals thrive in those situations, as they don’t mind being different.

You Keep Parts Of Your Life Private… Because It Should Be A Mystery

Individuals are always a little mysterious. They make you wonder just exactly what they’re doing after work, because you know it’s not what everyone else is doing. They make people wonder and guess as to what their private life is really like. They let people imagine scenarios and worlds they may or may not be entering.

You Don’t Feel The Need To Boast... People Respect You Already

The main distinguishing factor of individuals is their modesty. Knowing who they are, they feel no need to boast or overcompensate. They are usually the ones who don’t talk about themselves much because they don’t need to.

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