5 Signs You And Your Bestie Are, Quite Literally, The Exact Same Person


Each person on this earth is unique, but it would be a lie to say your best friend doesn't remind you of the creepy idea that you may have been cloned.

A best friend is more than just your spirit animal; they can be that person so aligned with who you are, it's weird you aren't genetically twins. And all of this magical likeness happens so naturally.

You probably don't even realize all of the similarities until someone points them out to you.

So, if you and your best friend are two incredibly parallel peas in a pod, chances are you both do one, if not all, of these things.

1. You Finish Each Other's Sentences


This may seem like an old married couple thing to do, but it happens. Because you're around each other so much, you pick up on the other's reactions.

Maybe you even have go-to sayings to situations that always seem to happen in your relationship. Funny how the universe works, huh?

2. You Laugh At The Same Not-So-Funny Things

Ben White/ Unsplash

Everyone has that irrational urge to laugh at something seemingly not meant to be funny. But, that never stops you and your best friend from those shared giggles.

Besides, laughter along with your friendship feeds the soul. Also, if more than one person is laughing, you can share the guilt of laughing at the wrong time.

3. You Have The Same Mannerisms

You two's favorite song comes on and you both instantly bust out the same move unplanned. There's no explaining it, it's apart of the best friend package.

4. You Don't Feel Yourself Without Them

If your best friend is basically you in a nutshell, you're not fully yourself when they aren't around. They're that little, spectacular piece that completes you.

The world is a much better place with them in it, and you find peace of mind knowing you both share the same wholesome qualities.

5. Your Epic Moments Are Their Epic Moments

The best moments or events in your life are also theirs. Ever traveled out of the country, or got a flat tire and hitched a ride? They remember outlining an emergency getaway plan if the driver ended up being a complete and utter weirdo.

Anthony Delanoix/ Unsplash

How about that time your favorite band member touched your hand and you fainted? They remember catching you.

You both may have a different perspective, but you both share the same incredibly memorable times.

Whether you vibe with your best friend because you're exactly the same, or complete opposites, they're a significant part of your life. Best friends are living proof that you deserve the best life has to offer.