8 Things To Teach Your Younger Siblings That Your Parents Won't

by Ashley

Having a positive relationship with your siblings can greatly influence your life, starting from childhood and progressing all the way through adulthood.

Being the oldest of seven has taught me how to be a role model and how to protect and care for others.

Growing up being the “big sis” has definitely been great, but there a few things I wish I knew that my parents never taught me.

Hopefully, all you older siblings out there will take these tips into consideration and pass them down to your younger brothers and sisters:

Secrets aren’t as great as they may seem.

Your parents will figure out everything, so there is no point trying to hide anything; realistically, you will not get away with it. I set the tone and served as the guinea pig growing up, so you won't get away with everything I did. Beware.

People will copy what you do and it’s okay.

I learned this the hard way; I definitely experienced moments when my younger sisters wanted to wear the same outfit I was wearing, but in mini size, or they would sneak around and steal my perfumes and makeup while I wasn’t looking.

Just as they looked up to me, your friends will look up to you, and you should take it as a compliment. There will always be times when you will be so annoyed by someone who aims to copy everything you do, but just let it be and brush it off.

It’s better to be copied than to stand out in a bad way.

You’re more special than you may think.

People say the “middle child” is always left out and the youngest gets lost in the crowd. That’s not true at all.

Mom and Dad blessed our family with you all for a reason and although us older siblings may pick on you, I promise we will love you through thick and thin.

Never feel less important than anyone else.

Family is forever; friends are not.

You will get in fights with people, lose friends and make new ones. Each chapter of your life will include different people, but your family will always be there. There is no getting rid of us, sorry!

It doesn't matter if our fights last five minutes, five hours or five years; family is always there for you, even if we don’t tell you every day.

Parents don’t need to know everything.

That party you went to last night? Mom and Dad don’t need to know everything about it. The 65 you got on that last exam? Just bring your grades up from there on out.

Regarding so many matters, your siblings will understand, but your parents won’t.

Older brothers and sisters have most likely done what you are currently doing and know how to help you through. We should be the ones in whom you confide.

Forgive and forget.

Holding grudges will get you nowhere in life. Every person has his or her own way of dealing with issues and how you go about them is usually a process you learned from your parents. Despite this, forgiving and forgetting is much better than hating someone forever.

Everyone makes mistakes. Move on and be happy.

Mom and Dad will love you no matter what -- I promise.

You will get into fights with your parents — it just happens.

There will be days when Mom hates everything you do, even if you breathe wrong. Dad will have moments when he yells like someone is dying because you got mud on the floor -- just let him be.

We all have bad days, and you being a nuisance sometimes just makes matters worse. Your parents are stuck with you forever and will love you no matter what, but if they are having “one of those days,” just keep your distance. 

Your siblings are, and will always be, your everything.

When you fight with your parents, to whom do you turn? When you get into some drama with friends, who do you tell? When you want to go somewhere fun and none of your friends can go, who do you ask to come with you? Your siblings!

Your siblings will do anything and everything for you, no matter what, and that will never change. You are blessed to have people to whom you can look up and with whom you can spend your life, so don’t take it for granted.