10 Signs She's Not Complicated, She's Just Beautifully Complex

by Alexa Mellardo

If you're a complicated kind of a gal, you know (deep down) you can be difficult to work with.

The complicated girl has an insane amount of convoluted issues and intricate plans in her life that always seem to be unresolved, and/or problematic.

She's not good at addressing baggage at any level, or a key player at initiating plans.

If you have a complicated girl in your friend squad, you know any plans she makes are based on other plans, so you can never seem to get a simple “yes” or “no” answer from her.

She confuses you SO MUCH to the point that after you talk to her, you're not even sure what she said, or how you even left the plan you were trying to make.

Basically, the complicated gal's life is always a clusterfuck, and she's in major need of getting her priorities in check.

The complicated gal should NOT be confused with the complex girl, who is a completely different individual.


A complex gal is a confident one who has many diverse interests and chapters going on in her life. There is nothing difficult about her — she's just a busy chick who goes after everything and anything she wants, full throttle.

She's an achiever and reaches out to all people and things she finds intriguing. She loves life with a passion, and manages all the aspects in her world like the true, creative boss gal she is.

Here are the key differences that sets the complex girl apart from the complicated one.

1. She follows her passions, even ones she just discovered.

Lyuba Burakova

This gal does not set boundaries or constrictions for herself. She doesn't limit herself to just one hobby… she may have 10 of them.

2. She actually lives her dreams, not just plans them.

It's one thing to have a bucket list, but kudos to those who actually check it all off!

3. She waits for nobody.

This is the best thing a girl can do for herself. If she waited, she wouldn't get nearly as much accomplished in her life.

4. She is always looking to improve her world and add to it.

She's keen for adventure and exploring different aspects of her life she wants to take to the next level. She knows self-improvement takes time and hard work, so why not start now?

5. She has absolutely no time or patience for drama.

Who needs it… ever?!

6. She has accomplished a lot, and has more to do.

This chick eats pressure for breakfast. She's happy about her accomplishments, and embraces the opportunity for more.

7. She loves her choices.

She never re-thinks, or beats a dead horse.

8. She embraces opportunity.

Lyuba Burakova

It's what keeps her going.

9. She values her time, and fills it with what she loves.

She doesn't have any time to waste filling her schedule with plans she's not about.

10. She's never afraid to be upfront.

SO, if the complex girl seems like she doesn't have much free time on her hands… you may be right. She is one busy gal, to say the least.

If you don't make an impression on this chick, she definitely might be too busy to fit you into her life.