Arrivederci! 10 Secret Places To Discover In Rome Abroad

Rome is basically the capital for anyone that's experiencing a nagging case of wanderlust. The winding alleys, the charming cafes, bakeries and boutiques — and best of all, the food! No wonder nearly every romantic comedy somehow finds itself in the "Eternal City."

However, the one downfall of the city is just how crowded it can be. While the Coliseum and Roman Forum are the bread and butter of Rome, they're also the biggest tourist traps. If waiting on line for hours on end isn't really your cup of tea (or rather, cappuccino), check out the most off-the-beaten-path spots in the city. These hidden gems aren't going to stay hidden for long, though, so time to get that ticket ready!

For the View: Monte Mario

Rome is the city of Seven Hills — and Monte Mario is the most beautiful of them all. Not only is there a picnic-ready park at the top, but it also boasts some of the prettiest views of Rome. Your Instagram will thank you.

For the Foodies: Fatamorgana

Jeff Wasserman

Gelato is like the sexier, more well-read cousin of ice cream — and if any place knows how to serve it, it's Fatamorgana. Get to this gelateria early to make sure they have your favorite flavor (like basil pesto or peaches and cream.)

For the Wanderlusters: Ostia Antica

If the crowds at the Forum are just too much, skip town! Ostia Antica used to be Rome's seaport and most of it is really well-preserved. Pretend you're an ancient Roman princess and wander the streets that you would've once called home.

For the Soul-Searching: San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura

St. Peter's Basilica gets all the hype, but the haunting beauty of San Lorenzo is going to linger with you for years. It's way quieter, so you'll truly feel like you were transported back in time.

For the Beauty Junkies: Baths of Caracalla


If you've always wanted to experience the beauty of Roman baths but were stuck in a musty city, the Baths of Caracalla are a must-see. Check out the beautiful tile floor and try not to book a visit to your nearest spa, STAT.

For Those With an Eye for Adventure: Quartiere Coppede

Want to feel like a local? Head to Quarter Coppede, a neighborhood nearly untouched by time and tourists. You'll know you're there when you spot the large, beautiful chandelier overhead.

For the Secret-Keepers: The Keyhole of the Door of the Knights of Malta

This spot has been gaining popularity, but don't let that faze you. Peep through the keyhole at this rarely-opened door, and you will spot one of the best sights in Rome.

For Animal Lovers: The Cat Sanctuary

Melanie DeFazio

Rome has a bustling population of stray cats and more than 250 of them have taken residence at Largo di Torre Argentina. Check out the gift shop, snap photos of the kitties, or even adopt one while viewing the ruins.

For the Nerds: The Protestant Cemetery

If you're a literary nerd, you need to stop by this cemetery. It is the final resting spot for Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats, which will be sure to give you chills.