7 Signs You're On The Right Path And Need To Chill The F*ck Out

by Kailyn Bowman

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume we all want to feel a sense of purpose. At the very least, we want to know that no matter what, we're moving forward. In this fast-paced world, it's often difficult to know whether we're moving forward, backward or even diagonally. I've compiled a list of seven ways to help you determine your placement and attempt to solve this so-called dilemma:

1. You trust yourself.

You've come to an understanding with yourself. You finally trust your soul and the internal intuition that we so often neglect. Decisions no longer consist of a discussion with every human you know before you make a choice.

Now, they are simply gut feelings that you're not afraid to act on. Trusting yourself is a great sign that you are, in fact, on the right path and headed toward a bright future.

2. You're losing friends.

Having the same friends you've had since you were young isn't always a good thing. It is more likely that if this is the case, you haven't grown out of your old patterns or ways of being.

Losing friends is a good indicator that you've developed into a better person, and that you have therefore attracted new, more fulfilling relationships. Note: This is not to say you will lose all your “old” friends. Always cherish those who bring joy to your life.

3. You do things that scare you.

Eleanor Roosevelt says, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” By putting ourselves in situations that increase our heart rates, we expand what we believe to be possible for us.

In essence, we shift our paradigm (our conditioned thinking). This, in turn, opens our world to all these new possibilities that we haven't seen before.

4. Your past is not a crutch. Rather, it's a launching pad.

No one has a “perfect” past. If someone tells you otherwise, don't believe him or her.

It seems that the older we get, the more crap we can add to our bag of, well, crap. However, if you are moving forward in life, you will see these past experiences as a launching pad for you to do whatever you want. Instead of harping on about past failures, you use them as motivation.

5. Your family and friends come to you for advice.

Are you the go-to pal for advice? If so, pat yourself on the back. This is not coincidental.

People seek out advice by example. This means that somewhere along the way, you must've been doing something right. People seek advice from those they wish to be like.

Think about it this way: What type of person would you not go to for advice? Now, ask yourself why. That alone will prove the significance of this point.

6. You're grateful.

Gratitude is a trait that only those on spiritual paths have cultivated. It is one of the highest forms of joy one can experience.

If you are finding gratitude in the most mundane events, you are well on your way to a fulfilling future. When we are moving forward in the right direction, we can't help but feel blessed for the people and events that gravitate toward us.

7. You seek balance.

A happy life is a balanced life. If you are consistently seeking balance in every area of your life — such as your career, health and relationships — you are doing something right. We know that too much or too little of anything is not good.

Striving for success, but also knowing when to kick back and give yourself that much-needed break is key. The more balance you have in your life, the more likely it is that you are on the right path.

These seven steps tend to go hand in hand. So, if you resonate with one, you will most likely see the others play out in your life as well. Sometimes, we hit a place in our lives where we need the reminder that — even if we don't have it all right just yet — we're still moving forward.

I hope these signs have encouraged you to continue along your path. If not, I hope they have motivated you to steer your life in a different direction.

This post was originally published on Mixed Girl Vibe