What Your Relationship Goals Look Like In College Vs. Your 20s

by Alexia LaFata

Relationships in college are hard to come by. When there are so many people to hang out with and so much freedom to be taken advantage of, choosing ONE person to settle down with is the last thing on everyone's mind.

There are, of course, people who do it (myself included), but the vast majority of college students wouldn't know real romance if it hit them over the head with a shovel.

But then, when you graduate and really enter your 20s, something weird happens. You kind of, maybe, sort of, want something real.

Your priorities for your love life completely change. You start to believe choosing one person to settle down with may not be as daunting as you previously thought.

Once this happens, you realize your relationship goals in college were way, way different from your relationship goals in your 20s.

College: You want to sip on red Solo cups.

You want to party, hang out with your friends and go with the flow. You're not entirely focused on finding your soulmate yet.

Your 20s: You don't want to be solo.

You actually entertain the idea of having someone in your life to look out for you. Maybe it could be nice.

College: You want a beer pong partner.

You're okay with lighthearted flirting and short, quippy conversation in the name of doing something fun.

Your 20s: You want a real partner.

You wonder if any short-lived interactions could turn into something meaningful.

College: You want a date for homecoming.

You're fine with something temporary, like a date for a school event.

Your 20s: You want someone to come home to.

You want something more permanent.

College: You want someone to text you before midnight.

Your idea of romance is receiving a text early enough in the evening before the drunken shenanigans begin.

Your 20s: You want someone to fall asleep with at midnight.

Your idea of romance is a night snuggling on the couch.

College: You want someone to get dinner with you.

You want someone to sit down and have a meal with you, even if it's just in the dining hall, and you paid for it with your campus ID.

Your 20s: You want someone to actually buy you dinner.

You want to be taken to a real restaurant, and you want someone to pay for a meal with actual cash.

College: You want to share a joint.

You're mainly looking out for yourself, so you aren't down to share too much of you -- except your weed.

Your 20s: You want a joint bank account.

You're ready to trust someone enough to share your entire life -- and life savings -- with.

College: You want to impress his fraternity.

You want to be the cool, beer-chugging girl who his friends can hang with.

Your 20s: You want to impress his family.

You want to be the respectful, kind girl who his mother can see as her daughter.

College: You want someone to hold your feet during a keg stand.

You want someone who will encourage you to have fun and support your partying habits.

Your 20s: You want someone to hold you when you're sad.

You want someone who will encourage you to look on the bright side and support your dreams.

College: You're cool with Netflix and chill.

You really don't mind Netflix and chilling, in either the literal sense or the metaphorical sense. You'll even accept it as a date.

Your 20s: You want a real date.

You want to be taken out. You want to do something that requires effort.

College: You want someone to drive you crazy.

You thrive on tumultuous rollercoaster rides of infatuation and lust.

Your 20s: You want someone who keeps you sane.

You want more stability and consistency in your feelings.

College: You're looking for tonight.

You want someone who will keep you warm for the evening.

Your 20s: You're looking for someone to tell you goodnight.

You want someone who will keep you warm every night.

College: You're looking for arm candy.

You know pictures will be taken at frat date nights, so you want to find the hottest date to pose with you.

Your 20s: You're looking for someone who's sweet.

Appearances don't matter as much because the inside counts more.

College: You're looking for "likes."

You care about your image on social media -- how many likes you have on your Instagram pictures, how cute you look in your tagged pictures on Facebook and how many best friends you have on Snapchat.

Your 20s: You're looking for love.

You couldn't care less about social media. All that matters is finding a partner who likes you, thinks you're cute and is your best friend.