How Solar Eclipses Affect Relationships In Your Life

Next week, on Aug. 21, we have a total solar eclipse, and I have reiterated to my readers ad nauseum about how solar eclipses can bring about a lot of changes. Although solar eclipses tend to be of a positive nature, this week leading up to it will be a complicated one, at least when it comes to our relationships. Why? The planet Venus (which governs love and partnership) is getting jostled around by a couple planets that could make for an interesting week. Which means, yes, the upcoming solar eclipse will affect your relationships.

We're already seeing some of this clashing on a collective level, but pay attention to how it might be affecting you in your individual lives as well.  Today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday) Venus opposes Pluto, forms a square to Jupiter on Wednesday and Thursday, and then forms a quincunx to Saturn on Friday. If you don't know what those aspects mean, allow me to translate: They all kinda suck.

Here's the breakdown of what to expect.

Venus Opposition Pluto

Pluto is the planet of obsession, of power, of spiritual and psychological death, and transformation. The energies of these two planets opposing one another can be used for creative purposes, as long as we keep the focus on ourselves instead of on our partner. This aspect can create power struggles unless both parties are willing to accept the things they cannot change about one another.

Be aware of the urge to control your partner, sexually or psychologically, or the urge to meddle in their finances. Conversations about joint resources right now can be very tough, as both parties are likely to feel controlled by the other. Maintain your individuality during this time, and convert this powerful energy into self-transformation.

Venus Square Jupiter

Courtesy of Troll Cakes

Venus square Jupiter often leads us to embrace an attitude of "holier-than-thou." Jupiter is the planet of philosophical expansion, optimism, dogma, and overindulgence. The interplay of these two planets can create an unwillingness to look at both sides of an issue. When our partners bring up a problem, we might write off their complaints, telling ourselves they just don't understand us, or we might feel as if they are restricting our personal growth.

The truth is, compromise takes some level of accepting responsibility for another person. We may be overblowing our feelings about something that in truth, really isn't that important to us when we get some time and space from the situation. Try to avoid very serious situations or conversations right now and relax. Work with others, not against them, and you'll achieve the kind of personal growth that you crave.

Venus Square Saturn

Venus is the planet that governs our social grace and charm, and our ability to partner with another person, either romantically or in business. Saturn is known as the planet of discipline and responsibility; it governs our relationship with authority figures and societal rules.

When Venus squares off with Saturn, we need to be careful of defensiveness coming up against our partners. Our responsibilities in our relationships may feel as if they are restricting us in some way, keeping us from the things we would rather focus on. Try to slow down and be wary of a tendency to see any demands made of you by your partner as "impossible to fulfill." Instead, take a deep breath, and let them know you will help as soon as you can.

On the other hand, this aspect can lead to feelings of depression and loneliness, and that can cause us to want to make more demands on our partners than we really should. Ask yourself: Is there anything I am asking my partner to do for me that I could instead do for myself?

These aspects are not a walk in the park, but if we work with them, they will encourage us to take steps in the right direction, to maturely accept and take responsibility for what we can control, and to let go of what we can't.