This Quiz Will Tell You Where To Vacation This Summer

We all spend winter and spring dreaming about summer. We long for the days of shorts and sundresses. We plan our vacations months (and maybe even years) in advance.

Or at least we do in our minds, since figuring out the actual logistics is an entirely different story. Who has time to think about packing and scheduling when you're too busy daydreaming about the cute outfits you'll be wearing while you stroll hand-in-hand with your boyfriend as the sun sets?

But then Memorial Day hits, and all of a sudden summer is here. There's no more time to put off planning your vacation.

You're scrambling. There are thousands of questions going through your head. Where should I go? What's the weather going to be like? How big of a bag should I bring with me? And the biggest one of all: What do I want to WEAR on this vacation?!?

Lucky for you, this quiz will tell you where to go and what to pack for your jet-setting or road-tripping adventure this summer. So sit back, answer a few questions and let us do the thinking — and vacation planning — for you.