5 Questions You'll Ask Yourself Once You Settle In To A New City

Someone recently asked me, "If your life had a theme song, what would it be?"

I wanted it to be a Beyoncé song so badly, but I've been trying this new thing in my mid-20s where I answer everything honestly.

I settled on House of Pain's "Jump Around." Before you laugh, let me clarify: The majority of the lyrics have nothing to do with my life whatsoever, but the chorus is my jam.

If you're not familiar, it's basically someone shouting, "Jump around!" over and over. That's what I do.

Like a Millennial bunny, I hop from hobby to hobby, from boyfriend to boyfriend and from city to city.

In the last three years, I've lived in St. Louis, Boston and recently, I've learned to call Los Angeles home.

When I'm not nommin' on In-N-Out, reading up on the healing powers of crystals or pretending I'm too cool to brunch, I'm pondering a few questions.

These are the five questions you will ask yourself after moving to a new city:

1. How am I going to afford food?

Usually, food is my number one priority. Carbs are my oxygen. Green juice has healing powers. Pizza is my soulmate. You get it.

But, moving to a new city takes a toll on your bank account (I'm refusing to check my balance as I type this). When I moved to LA, I bought a new car (hey traffic), put down first and last month's rent on a new apartment and became a "yes woman" in all aspects of life.

"Want to grab drinks after work?" Yes.

"Do you like hiking? Want to drive an hour away and hike?" Yes. (I don't want to pay for gas, but yes anyway.)

"I'm having a housewarming. Want to come?" Yes (here's something for your new apartment even though we just met and this purchase hurts my soul).

Pro Tip: For the first month or so, get by on baby carrots and hummus, multivitamins and the occasional free slice of pizza while focusing on the second question.

2. Where's my squad?

The reason I became a "yes woman" is because making friends as an adult is really hard, especially in a new city.

Having spent just two years in Boston before packing up for LA ("Jump Around"), I was forced to say goodbye to people who were just becoming my #squad.

Friendships take time, dedication, multiple dinner dates, happy hours and the commitment to hang out when you really just want to be alone and watch the Disney Channel Original movies you recorded.

Pro Tip: Get a roommate (forced interaction FTW) and put in the time making friends upfront. You won't regret it.

3. Did my friends forget about me?

Being alone with a bag of baby carrots while you watching Snap stories of your East Coast friends relaxing on a boat can make you question your decision to move.

Just look at how much fun they are having! Is that Matt kissing Lauren? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THEY'RE DATING?

It's easy to feel left out of your old life.

Pro Tip: Stay in touch. FaceTime exists for a reason, people.

4. How the hell do you build a bed?

Are IKEA directions drawn by a 4-year-old?

Pro Tip: Find handy friends. Buy things pre-assembled. Sleep in a pop-up tent.

5. How many 'grams is too many 'grams?

There's so much to see! So much to show! There are mountains, there's the beach, there's that guy from "Catfish" RIGHT OVER THERE!

Old friends, I know you're having fun on the boat, but look at my new squad budding!

It's easy to fall into the social media black hole, where your phone is forming an indent in your hand and your pointer finger is superglued to the camera button.

Pro Tip: Don't just do it for the gram. Take a mental picture. Be in the moment. Double tap yourself on the back for having the guts to make the move.

And... OK, fine. Post a pic or two.