5 Things That Happen When You Disconnect From Your Phone For 24 Hours

Social media rules everything around us. So what would happen if we didn't use our phones for an entire day?

We spend so much time absorbed in our phones, we miss out on the little things happening around us.

The slightest things — such as the change in scenery or catching a smile from a stranger as you walk by — are missed when you're looking down at your phone.

After locking your addictive phone away for a day, you realize there is so much more to the world than selfies, Snapchats and Instagram posts.

Here are some reasons why real-world socialization is so much more important than any blog post (including this one):

1. You won’t be 30 minutes late for class or work in the morning.

You wake up, roll over and grab your phone. You spend a half hour in bed after your alarm goes off, checking all social media and emails.

The first thing we grab in the morning is our phones.

But the amount of time we waste on them in the morning could be used for getting ready, so we're not late for the fifth time this week.

2. You’ll converse with the people in the elevator or the person you walk by on the street.

How many times have you been so engaged in your phone, you've walked right by someone you know on the street?

We have all used looking at our phones as a way to avoid people.

But it's amazing how different your day can be when you interact with real people in real life.

3. You'll realize you can get work and assignments done on time.

You think it's possible to meet a deadline.

Then, you spend the hours prior to it refreshing Twitter, even when there's nothing new going on.

You have a paper due in an hour, so why not just sit on Snapchat or play Candy Crush to avoid the deadline you have?

Our phones are huge distractions.

If we didn’t have social media or games, we wouldn't be so distracted.

4. You may start to forget what you look like because you have not taken a selfie or Snapchat all day.

You would be lying if you denied taking at least one Snapchat selfie a day, and you would also be lying if you said you didn’t take a selfie if your whole outfit was on fleek that day.

But we won’t go there.

You may forget what you look like by the end of the day if you stop doing this, but it's a whole lot better than pointing out your flaws in a selfie for hours on end.

5. The only beef you become interested in is the kind you will be eating for dinner.

Social media fights are such a huge trend because who says anything to your face anymore?

Whether it's your ex subtweeting you or Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, Twitter fights can cause a huge uproar.

You can easily get caught up in the fight on your phone, refreshing the page every second with a bag of popcorn in hand.

When you remove the Twitter beef from your life, you can actually focus on some real beef, like a nice fat steak for dinner.

You realize what it's like to enjoy a nice meal without distractions.

If your phone isn’t placed right next to you at the dinner table, you’re lying again.

It is almost impossible to make it through a good meal without the sound of a phone. Once you pick it up, you know it isn’t going back down.

Before you know it, you've forgotten about how hungry you are. Both hands are on your phone.

But most importantly, you realize the voice inside your head.

Our phones may be one of the greatest and most convenient tools we have to assist us in our everyday lives, but we tend to forget there's also a voice inside our heads when we're too consumed with our phones.

When you stop focusing on how many likes your social media post received and focus instead on what's going on in your mind, you will learn there is more to life than being Insta-famous.

When you center your life around your thoughts and true feelings, you obtain much more information about the world than you would through a phone.