How A Reading With A Psychic Medium Made Me Question My Years Of Atheism

by Alexandra Strickler

"I like a newbie."

As if I wasn't already super nervous about receiving my first psychic reading ever, MaryAnn DiMarco told me she loves an opportunity to read a "newbie," which sent a fresh wave of shivers down my spine.

I wasn't nervous because I believed in psychic abilities, or even in angels or spiritual guides. In fact, I don't really believe in any of those things at all.

I made it clear to DiMarco, who is a psychic medium, that I have always described myself as an atheist. I don't believe in God. I don't believe in an afterlife, or at least, not the traditional forms of heaven, hell, etc.

I do, however, believe in a general concept of energies out there in the universe.

I believe that, as human beings, our thoughts and our "vibes," if you will, play some part in the overall workings of the universe. They make shit happen, even if I'm not entirely sure how they make shit happen.

Despite my skepticism about DiMarco's line of work, I still went into the reading feeling utterly terrified. I may not believe in this stuff, but like most people, I am afraid of the unknown.

I had no idea what DiMarco would have to tell me.

However, as soon as she launched into her reading of me, I immediately felt at ease.

A conversation with DiMarco feels eerily like speaking to someone you've known for a really long time. It felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend or a long-lost family member. She was warm, she was passionate, and she knew way more about me than I ever expected her to.

She kept characterizing me as an "empath."

Every single part of my reading went back to one of DiMarco's initial perceptions of me: She said I'm extremely intuitive when it comes to reading and picking up on other people's energies.

Kayla Snell

She told me,

I'd be interested to see you in a really crowded room. I wonder if sometimes you're like, 'Why do I not want to stand near so-and-so?'

DiMarco was beyond accurate about this. I tend to feel extremely overwhelmed in a crowded room, and then subsequently drained after most social interactions. However, I've always personally chalked it up to social anxiety, or me being an introverted person.

But, it's interesting to reexamine my introverted personality under the psychic medium's interpretation of me. It's almost as if DiMarco was confirming something I already knew about myself, and helping me reframe that in a different context.

DiMarco also knew quite a lot about certain members of my family and my relationships with them.

For example, she knew about one of my family member's struggles with addiction, even though I've only discussed this with a small handful of people close to me.

She also knew about the distance between my mother and one of my brothers, and she described me as a "gift" to my mother.

Evgenij Yulkin

She described our relationship:

When I look to you and her, you're her bright star. You become this sort of light energy for her. You exude light, and your mom feels that. You're kind of like warm sunshine to her. You warm her up.

The skeptic in me says plenty of mother-daughter relationships could be described this way, but at the same time, the goosebumps along my arm tell me DiMarco is just too spot-on to doubt.

She predicted something my boyfriend said to me just a couple days after my reading.

This one seriously freaked me out.

DiMarco correctly sensed I'm not very traditional when it comes to my plans for marriage. I want that type of commitment one day, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

She told me she potentially sees some sort of small, nontraditional commitment ceremony in my future, if my eventual fiancé and I don't choose to have a typical wedding.

Now, my boyfriend and I talk about marriage sometimes, as we've been together for five years, and neither of us are one to beat around the bush.


We're both confident about spending our lives together, but neither of us are in a rush to take any serious next steps in the near future.

Yet, just the other day, my boyfriend asked if I would be interested in some sort of small, intimate marriage ceremony one day, with a big party planned later on to include more friends and family.

My boyfriend has literally never, ever brought this idea up to me before, and I hadn't told him yet about this specific part of DiMarco's reading. Somehow, they were both on the exact same page.

Yeah, even he was speechless.

If nothing else, MaryAnn DiMarco is an incredible guide and teacher.

During the hour or so of my reading, she helped me open my mind to so many parts of myself that I don't always take the time to explore.

She knew I have extremely vivid dreams when I sleep, and recommended I try to engage in lucid dreaming.

She knew I love to listen to the sounds of nature, and suggested I try to incorporate this into my meditation.

Lauren Naefe

She knew I had aspirations of writing a book one day, and she urged me to specifically write a memoir, because she insists I have a story to tell.

So, coming out on the other side of my reading with DiMarco, I don't suddenly believe in the all-knowing power of all psychics, nor do I suddenly believe deceased loved ones are guiding me through life.

But, I do believe some people are more intuitive than others, and with the right dedication to that craft, you can harness it to help other people navigate this world, which is exactly what DiMarco is doing.

Thank you, MaryAnn DiMarco, for helping me see my life from a fresh perspective.