A Psychic Explains How You Can Stop Any Negative Reoccurrence In Your Life

Amanda Worrall

Have you found yourself somehow stuck in the same position in your life over and over again?

Maybe you keep attracting the same type of guy, or you are hired for jobs that start off really promising, but the company turns out to be going under and you get laid off a year later.

Maybe you're constantly stuck in living situations with roommates that make your life hell.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to take a seminar with Andrrea Hess, psychic teacher and author of Unlock Your Intuition: How To Accurately and Reliably Access Your Most Valuable Resource to see if I could get some answers as to why some of us seem to get stuck in the same repeating patterns, and she had some pretty enlightening info.

According to Hess, who teaches her clients how to unlock the law of attraction in their lives, there are a few things we could be doing to actually cause these repeated problems in our lives, and a few things we can do to fix them.

First, acknowledge your beliefs.

Some of us actually believe that being in a position of lack is more valuable for us on a spiritual level. We think there are valuable lessons to learn from constantly being broke, sad, or lonely.

We may not be conscious of this belief, as it might have begun in childhood and is now taking affect in our adult lives.

To use an example from my own life, in order to feel more powerful as a child, I developed a belief that love was something I had to earn rather than believing I innately deserved it. I developed that belief because the people I depended on for unconditional love weren't in a position to give it to me, and that fact was too painful and scary to recognize at the time.

Maybe we grew up in a family that struggled financially, and we inherited a belief that we couldn't create abundance in our lives from within, but that it had to come to us from some outside force.

Until we recognize those beliefs and how they could be affecting us today, we will continue to feel powerless to change them.

Giving our power away to "the universe."

Even those of us who believe that we are the creators of our own life tend to shirk responsibility when it comes to the bad things, although not on purpose.

According to Hess, "We know we're doing something to create the same thing over and over, but we don't know HOW we're doing it, so the big mystery is, HOW did I create this?"

However, when we run into the same problem for the umpteenth time, instead of trying to answer the question of how we are causing our own problems, we give our power away to the universe, saying, "I guess the universe is trying to teach me a lesson."

This is actually a way to avoid responsibility for our problems, according to Hess, who believes that the law of attraction includes both negative and positive consequences.

“Life is not happening TO YOU. You are creating it. Life is not school. Life is recess! When good things show up, we don't say, 'there must be a lesson I'm learning through this.'”

Choose your beliefs.

You either believe you are a participant in your life and that things are happening to you, or you believe that you're the creator of your own life. If you choose to believe that you create your own life, that you are the God of your own experience, then you need to embrace responsibility for everything that shows up in it.

During her seminar this weekend, Hess talked about Karma, which she defines as "a mirror, where the energy of an action is matched by its consequence."

So how does that play a part in our repeated mistakes? Well, because the energy we put into an action will create the energy we get out of it.

Any choice we make out of fear will create fear. The choices we make out of need will create need, and the choices we make out of excitement will create excitement.

Put these theories to the test.

After attending her seminar, I tried putting the law of attraction to the test in small ways. I was feeling bored with my life when I first decided to attend her seminar, so I decided to make small choices out of excitement. I changed the location where I worked, and decided to try a new coffeeshop this morning.

When I got there, my friend spontaneously texted me to see if she could come write with me today. Already the excitement and fun in my life was starting to build.

I'd encourage you to try this, too. Once you've identified the belief that is creating a negative consequence in your life, start making the opposite choice.

If you are making choices out of need, make a choice out of generosity. Make your life an act of giving, and you just might see abundance start to flow in.

Keep a journal and write down the choices you make and the energy you were feeling when you made that choice. Then see what comes out of it, and write that down too.

As Hess puts it, “When we refuse responsibility, we refuse power. If you're in a mess, claim the mess! You are the powerful creator of your own hot mess.”

That way, even the negative consequences of our actions are empowering.