6 Protective Hairstyles Black Women Own All Summer Long

Autumn Goodman/Unsplash

Hair: For a lot of black women, the short four-letter word could mean an amplitude of things.

Not all hair textures are the same, and you spend a good amount of time figuring out what style makes you feel the most comfortable. Summer is no exception.

Some hairstyles work better than others, and if you're completely obsessed with hair healthiness like me, you'll consider those cute but protective styles for when the summer heat settles in.

There are so many options when you're trying to pair your #BlackGirlMagic over summer with a cute hairstyle.

The beauty and curse about sprucing up your summer hairdo is not necessarily getting it done, but that you have so many options to embrace.

1. Braids Into A Bun

Oh How We Adore the Plaits - French Braids for Black Women | Headquarters for - — How Do It (@Andru_Loyd) June 27, 2015

Nothing beats a classic updo.

This look is perfect for slaying with a stylish summer crop top. It keeps any hair from getting in your face, and makes those melanin shoulders stand out proudly.

2. Corn Rows

@returntogloryuk CORRECTION CORN ROWS aren't new & have been worn with pride by black people 4 generations — Dee Moore Music (@DeeMoore) February 22, 2016

Classic alert! Cornrows have been around forever, and can be braided into different designs on the head. They can also vary in length.

Again, this is another style that's out of your face and complements your already beautiful, bold look.

3. Individuals Or Box Braids

Box Braids/Individuals✨simple and go with any event. Can be put in any style — a jungle bunny (@GloverKeenon) June 20, 2017

Yes, more braids. There's just so much to do with them.

Because box braids or individuals are not braided along the scalp, you have more of a free range to wear them up, down — why not both?

4. Braids Into A Bob

H AIR INSPO|BRIAHAIR Who doesn't love a braid bob!? x Want Hair Extensions?, #hair #braids — BriaHair (@BriaHair) June 8, 2017

Who thinks of this stuff? It's amazing the emerging styles that come about within the black community.

Get that cute bob look without having to literally cut your hair. Bob braids are an awesome style to dress up or complement your beach couture.

5. Goddess Faux Locs

Goddess faux locs are a must for your bone structure — Kill the Binary (@Shlatz) June 7, 2017

This style really highlights whatever beach-esque or sunny look you're trying to accomplish. It's great for messy buns, and really shows off your inner goddess qualities.

6. Twists

Styles For Marley/Senegalese Twists [Video] #braidvideos — BlackHairInformation (@BlackHairInfo) June 17, 2017

Some people might think these look like the other braid pics, but there's a true difference. The process isn't exactly the same, but the results are just as spectacular.

Summer isn't the only time black women work their magic, but it's a prime time for owning different styles. Slay away.