Pluto Retrograde's Effect On Your Zodiac Sign Could Give Everyone An Involuntary Life Purge

Pluto has been in retrograde since April, and will stay retro until Sept. 29, which means now is the time to review the lessons we've been learning in order to utilize them going forward. When most people hear about the Pluto retrograde, they tend to feel a little scared; but that's not necessary. Yes, this is a planet that is known for death and transformation, but that doesn't mean you're going to die. What the pluto retrograde's effect on your zodiac sign could mean is you will experience some symbolic death- a deeply held belief might rise to the surface and could die off once you recognize it and realize that it's no longer true for you.

Pluto is the planet of power, transformation and intensity. It's the planet of sex, of intimacy, of merging energy with another and of being transformed by it. It's also the planet that literally demolishes and lays to ruin everything in your life path that is not (and should not) be working. It is a planet that has it's eye on anything you think you cannot live without, snatches it from you and it says, "Oh yes you can, betch..."

What Pluto Retrograde (In Capricorn) Means

The sign that a planet is retrograding into will color the personality of that planet, and the way that it presents itself. This planet will ascertain your greatest fear, bring it to your doorstep, and force you to change for the better. And when it's in the sign of Capricorn (which, surprise! it is!), it'll be even more disciplined in the ways it enforces those changes. You will have to put on your big kid panties and just deal with it, because Capricorn will not suffer through any crybaby bullsh*t.

Not to mention, Capricorn is a sign that is about discipline and personal responsibility, and patience when it comes to achieving your goals. So when Pluto retrogrades in this sign, you may notice that the Pluto lessons you're being taught can take a long time. You may think you've learned them, but they will come up over and over again. You'll learn them three times before you can finally say "UGH, ALRIGHT I GET IT."

What Does This Pluto Retrograde Do To Everyone?

When Pluto goes retrograde, you and others might feel as though the Gods are out to get you in some way. External pressures in your life could intervene, challenges will come up. Any area of your life that needs to be cleaned up or cleared out will be. You could lose a job that you've been complaining about for months but were clinging to having something to just complain about. You could be dumped by someone who actually treated you like sh*t, but you put up with them anyway, thinking you could change them with your love (c'mon, be serious) and now you feel like the dumbest person in the world.

The behaviors, beliefs, and internal challenges we cling to during this time period will be driven away from us, making us think very carefully about what it is that we treasure the most. You will come out of the Pluto retrograde with a brand new set of values, and this time, they'll be values that will actually contribute to a better future for yourself.

How Will It Affect Your Zodiac Sign, Specifically?

To understand how Pluto will effect your zodiac sign specifically, you have to look at your birth chart, to see which planets are within 13 to 16 degrees of Capricorn. If you don't know what I mean by that, it's fine. Basically, all you need is an accurate time of birth, place of birth, and birthdate to look up what your rising sign (or ascendant) is.  You can see what your ascendant is by using this calculator.

Keep in mind, your ascendant might be the same sign as your sun sign, so don't be confused if your chart says "Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant." ...That just makes you more of a Libra than most!

Aries Rising, Tenth House: Your career is where you'll be learning these Pluto retrograde lessons. If you know what you want, you'll feel close to getting it (with some challenges) but if not, there's a chance you could be faced with a total change of course.

Taurus Rising, Ninth House: This is a time for gaining new experience and knowledge, to let go of your past self. If you are clinging to old ways of thinking, or old experiences, new ones will rush in to expand your mind and spirit, to reinvent yourself with.

Gemini Rising, Eighth House: If you've had some desires you've been suppressing, now is the time to make sure they are being met f you haven't already. Be upfront about what you want or you could end up having a blowout with a business partner or spouse, if you're married.

Cancer Rising, Seventh House: You could have one or several passionate relationships crash and burn during this period. By the time this transit is over, you'll be seeing power plays in relationships for what they really are.

Leo Rising, Sixth House: If you haven't been taking care of yourself, all those poor health habits are going to catch up to you if they haven't already.

Virgo Rising, Fifth House: You may be faced with a massive change in your relationship patterns, possibly by the birth of a child or the conception of one. Expect some power struggles if you're a parent, between you and your kid (or kids).

Libra Rising, Fourth House: Changes in your relationship to home will be happening, you could buy a new house, or move and be renovating, pulling up old memories from childhood and your relationship to your mother. 

Scorpio Rising, Third House: Your thought processes will be going a lot deeper, and you might feel like your communication with others gets more intense. Try not to think in such black-and-white ways. Expand your mind.

Sagittarius Rising, Second House: Your values will be undergoing a lot of changes, both material values and spiritual ones. You may end up going through your things and throwing out anything that once meant the world, but now means nothing to you.

Capricorn Rising, First House: You'll be reshaping your entire personality and the way you see yourself, and getting a hold of the unconscious drive you have to look down on others by controlling their actions.

Aquarius Rising, Twelfth House: This is a time when everything you picked up in childhood comes up to the surface and you discover that SURPRISE: None of it holds true for you anymore. Any secrets you've been keeping from yourself or from others are unearthed.

Pisces Rising, Eleventh House: Now is the time in your life to seek out people who will aid you in the transformations you wish to make in your life. You'll most likely shift to a new friend group or join an organization or community of people that share your values.

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