6 Reasons Pisces Lovers Are Always In It For The Long Haul

by Adam Maidment

Being in love with a member of the Pisces family can be a tricky experience.

Pisces are not particularly well-known for being the most loud and upfront individuals.

In fact, you'll find that most Pisces are actually quite introverted and difficult to understand at the best of times.

We also have a tendency to be escapists, indecisive and lazy.


But don't cast all Pisces to the side just yet. We're also some of the most compassionate and creative people out there.

Here are six ways anyone born between February 19 and March 20 will let you know he or she is in love:

1. Pisces are imaginative folk.

While others may choose to be clichéd about their powers of charm, Pieces are more likely to think outside the box and surprise you.

As we are super creative, we're constantly dreaming up new and original ways to impress.

While it may be hard to figure us out, you'll find we are able to show off our affection in creative ways.

We're more likely to make you a playlist of songs full of hidden, meaningful messages than send you a bouquet of flowers.

It's no coincidence that a lot of Pisces turn out to be writers, musicians or actors.

2. Pisces are also extremely sensitive.

Be careful about what you say. The best way (and worst way, in our case) to figure a Pisces out is to find what he or she is passionate about.

If we get overly sensitive and emotional about something, it's probably because we really care about it.

Being oversensitive can be deemed negative, but we can also find a way to turn it into an advantage every now and then.

Our sensitivity also makes us much more affectionate and caring individuals.

3. Pisces are big on thinking.

Pisces aren't particularly known for being the most instinctive.

Instead, we'll ponder on things before we act upon them.

We'll consider the pros and cons, and look at the effects making a particular decision may have on us and those around us.

After all, a perfectly thought-out plan is a perfectly executed plan.

Am I right, my fellow Pisces?

4. Pisces are pretty selfless.

Not to sound our own trumpets or anything, but Pisces are known for being extremely caring and selfless.

We will go out of our way to help others, whether it's our friends or lovers.

We will take on other people's problems and issues as if they are our own.

We won't let you struggle on your own.

By being selfless, we also consider the needs and emotions of others.

This helps us become great lovers, as we are more likely to know what our partners enjoy and what it takes to satisfy them.

5. Pisces are super devoted.

Just like Sandy in "Grease," we're hopelessly devoted to you.

Pisces are loyal and devoted by nature.

They prefer to have long-lasting relationships, rather than meaningless flings.

Since Pisces are known for being loyal, when they say they're in love with you, they mean it.

You're probably stuck with them, for better or worse.

6. Pisces are intuitive by nature.

Despite being big on the whole "think before you act" side of things, we actually trust our intuition more than anyone would expect.

Pisces are known for being intuitive and going by their gut.

While we may ponder over it for a fair while, we're still likely to go with what we think is best.

This helps us tune into our bodies, and it also helps us know ourselves and our needs quite well.

This also helps us connect with others better.

There is scientific research that shows emotion and intuition have a big role to play in our "second brains" (aka our gut), and have a strong connection to one other.