The Millennial Personality Spectrum: 4 Ways This Generation Functions

Cardiologists Meyer Friedman and R. H. Rosenman came up with two polar personality categories — Type A and Type B — way back in 1950, while they were looking at some of their high-strung patients with heart conditions in their waiting room.

The Type As are the perfect ones. The As have your napkin folded and pressed before you come over, and they have an entire itinerary made up for what should be a casual beach day.

Don’t get me wrong; these people are necessary for the world to function, especially if you consider yourself a Type B.

Type Bs are much more prone to just float in their existence. But, that doesn’t mean they fail at everything they do, or that they need babysitters to get dressed in the morning.

Simply, they are much less stressed and obsessive when it comes to excelling at things. They'd rather enjoy life than win it.

But a lot has changed since 1950, and so have we. How can we possibly still classify ourselves into only two categories, when our personalities range from soulless black to cosmic rainbow? Personalities are more of a spectrum than a grade.

Every generation has a voice to slice through the crap, and this time, it is our favorite website, Man Repeller. Amelia Diamond, a senior writer and editor at Man Repeller, alleges that most of us are a Type A-.

We kick ass at work and maybe even in our personal lives, until basically, we don’t. Our lives are an inevitable roller coaster we did not wait in line for and had no intention of getting on.

We can be Type A and get a promotion at work, and then that night, we find out our creepy neighbor with the 16 cats broke into our apartment and stole our shoes because we didn’t lock the door. It happens.

So, now that our beautiful minds are free from merely two personality traits, it is time to leave the 50s and the poodle skirts behind. We need to break down and analyze the personality types of Millennials.

And you know what the best part is? You are a little bit of all of them.

1. Type Not-Quite

This is where you have 80 percent of your sh*t together. You can get to work on time; you always know exactly where to go, and you have some sweet ideas on deck for your next girls' night.

The fault lies in real-time execution. On paper and in thought, the Not-Quite is perfect and totally has it all worked out.

But their habit of blurting things out and completely forgetting plans is what makes them so relatable. They’re not quite as much of a train wreck like the rest of us, but they're close enough.

2. Type Present

This is the part of your personality that is fun, adventurous and makes you look in the mirror and feel like a rock star.

Presents live in the moment. They’re up for anything, and they see opportunity in everything.

A stroll in the park feeding the ducks (because people do still do that) can quickly result in a tour of the city’s best food trucks.

You never know where you'll end up, but you know you’ll make some timeless memories along the way.

3. Type Rather-Not

Rather-Nots are cynical, a tad pessimistic but mainly realistic. Let's face it: These are the necessary, evil personalities sitting inside all of us.

It’s like a huge party, and they invite their friends Passive Aggression, Anti-Social and Judgment, too.

The Rather-Nots probably don't want to go to that lame party in a smelly apartment. They are content staying in with their beds and Netflix because in the end, they’re saving money, getting eight hours of sleep and probably not eating Taco Bell at 4 am.

4. Type Vision

Do you see the world as a giant, beautiful Instagram post begging to happen? You may have a strong case for the Vision. These people see the beauty in absolute everything and want to capture it all.

Whether or not it’s shared on social media is a different personality trait altogether.

Their clothes, their hair, the food they order and everything they do has an aesthetic quality you can’t help but admire.

5. Type Sharer

Be it an article on an upcoming election, a hot new movie trailer or a historical Instagram account, these people know about it and will show you.

The Sharers have the best social media accounts, and they act as your go-to people to stay up-to-date on everything you need.

This is the part of you that always wants to teach, tell and show people things that will excite them or excite you.