The Perfect Phone Case For Each Sign In The Zodiac

by Rosey Baker
Rachel Gulotta Photography

The iPhone 8 will be available this Friday, if you haven't noticed. I got the memo yesterday when my iPhone 6s decided to sh*t the bed and just stop working, and I'm still not totally convinced that it isn't part of some great corporate scheme to make me spend a million dollars on a new iPhone X, which is out on Oct. 27, 2017. I may never know for sure, but what I do know is that the phone is close to $1,000, and I could be spending that money on a couch so comfortable I would never have to leave my house again. So here's the deal; I've chosen the perfect phone case for every zodiac sign,

Still, my phone died, so I had to embrace the spirit of "New Year, New Phone, New Me" and in that spirit, I decided to have some fun with both my endless knowledge of astrology and my love of dressing up my phone in fun outfits, also known as "cases," if you're basic. I've chosen these cases, not just willy nilly. These choices were formed from the deep well of knowledge and wisdom that I've collected through studying astrology since I was a kid. Take this knowledge with you and get your phone a slick new jacket that reps you correctly.


Aries know how to look out for #1, and by #1, I mean themselves. They are true individuals, and yeah, sometimes they might come off a little self-centered, but at least you know where they stand. Off My Case creates personalized phone cases for anyone who wants one, but I really think it fits an Aries' best because they really are their own brand.


Elizabeth Atlas Weinberg is a fine artist and pattern designer who has recently decided to apply her talents to dressing up iPhones as well. And lucky for you, Taurus, her patterns are as sensual and artistic as your tastes. I knew a floral pattern would be the way to go for Taurus — the chic-est, earthy, nature-lovers in the zodiac.


Gemini, not to drive you crazy, but The Daily Edited has phone cases with an endless amount of customization options. Since you're known for wanting it all and for your lack of ability to commit to a choice, I just decided on something you could continually change up.

Get yourself a case that changes its face as much as you do.


Nothing brings a Cancer together with their favorite people more than their phones, and nothing makes them happier than sharing food with their favorite people. Naturally, being ruled by the fourth house of home and family, I had to choose a case that encapsulates not just their phones (obviously on the family plan), but also their love of sharing food.


Every Leo knows, deep down, that even though they are loyal as hell, they're also the worst kind of heartbreaker. When they fall for someone, they fall super fast, and they sweep people off their feet with romantic gestures and longing looks. But when they're over it, they are over it. They will crush your little heart as quickly as they captured it, and the worst part is, they'll never even look like a bad guy doing it. So for Leo, (and their numerous love affairs) I've chosen a phone case that doubles as a warning sign.


Health-conscious Virgo is always trying to reign in their worst habits, and since they're ruled by Mercury, having their faces shoved into a phone screen all day is probably their favorite habit to ignore. Why not get a case that reminds you to put down the phone and look around for a second. It's good for your eyes, spirit, and posture.


Libra is one of the most artistic signs in the zodiac, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty; whenever I walk through a museum filled with classy people, refined enough to appreciate good art, it reminds me of my Libra friends.

So I picked out this special paint palette phone case because so many Libra's make their life a work of art.


Scorpio is cute, but they are prickly AF. Take advantage of them and their understanding spirit, and they will shoot you down faster than you can say "I'm sorry."

So I chose a classy pastel pink case that shows what a compassionate-hearted, sensitive soul Scorpio is, with a porcupine on it to represent what their words can do to your self-esteem should you ever cross them.


You are explorers, Sagittarius, and you need a phone that lets 'em know. You were born to roam these streets, to run around outside, to ask all the burning questions deep inside your soul, and to taste and experience everything life has to offer -- no matter how far you have to travel to get there.


Capricorn usually needs a case they can match with their purse and manicure; something as fine, upstanding, and as classy as they are. That's not to say they won't have a weekend case to dress up their phone in (they're always prepared to dress for the occasion), but they do need something during the work week that lets everybody know they will be making six-figures one day, if they don't already.


I spent more time looking for the perfect case to rep Aquarius than I did any other sign. You know why? Because I knew that whatever one I picked, every Aquarius reading this would be like, "Oh, OK. But..." because they think they are the most unique individuals to ever walk the planet. So here's a phone case that characterizes the majority of Aquarian responses to other people's opinions.


Pisces needs a phone case that represents their minds — constantly drifting into some kind of dream world where everyone gets along and dogs can talk to you and strangers will offer you non-sexual hugs when you're crying in public. This watercolor phone case reminded me of every Pisces I know because it's almost like the colors their eyes turn when they've drifted into pure sweet delusion.