People Who Love Fall Over Any Other Season Have These 6 Things In Common


OK, I'll admit it: I absolutely love fall. I live for the days when I can bundle myself up in cozy sweaters and scarves before I spend an evening out at the pumpkin patch. Hand me a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I'll be happy for the entire week. It sounds super cliché, but these are all key reasons why fall is the best season ever.

While I'm obviously a little biased toward fall, I can admit there's something to like about all seasons. I can understand why you'd look forward to the winter holidays or summer vacation, but fall just does something special for me. I don't know what about the season makes me so dang happy, but the autumn aesthetic is one of my absolute favorite things.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how well my personality blends into the characteristics of autumn. If you're like me, you just might share some of these traits. People who love fall more than any other season have these six things in common.

1. A Fall Birthday


I know very few people who don't enjoy the time of year when their birthday is. I like to tell myself it's because the world returns to the state it was in when you were born, making it immediately familiar and comforting. While that's not likely the case, it's still a nice thought. Whatever it is, your birthday season just tends to feel like you.

2. A Deep Love For Cozy Nights In

Autumn is that time of year right between the stresses of summer and going back to school and the chaos of the holidays. Things tend to be quieter as everyone settles into a routine and the days get a little bit shorter. The chill in the air and darkness in the sky tends to be comforting for those of us who like a little peace and quiet. A cozy night cuddling up on the couch by the fire with a hot cup of tea is a night well spent.

3. A Tight-Knit Family

When fall holidays roll around, there's an extra layer of excitement. Halloween marks the start of the official holiday season, with Thanksgiving (and ultimately Christmas) not far behind. Families tend to spend a lot of time together during the holidays, so it's really an enjoyable time for those who are close to their families.

4. Nostalgia

Syda Productions/Fotolia

Maybe it's just me and my autumn birthday talking, but I get a strong nostalgic feeling every fall. Even just seeing colorful leaves on television, or getting a whiff of a pumpkin spice-scented candle sends me reeling back into a world of wonderful memories and what-ifs. If you're nostalgic like I am, then you've probably experienced something similar.

5. Living In A Temperate Location

As much as I enjoy deserts and rainforests, they don't get the fiery fall colors when the weather cools down. IMO, autumn just isn't the same without the colors in the trees and on the ground. It's not fall unless the leaves are falling, you know?

6. A Love Of Fashion


Again, we all know I'm totally biased here, but fall has (by far) the best fashion. You just can't wear coats, scarves, and other heavy accessories in the summer, but the fall is just warm enough that you can still pull off some of your favorite summer clothes. It's the best of both worlds; you can wear whatever you want, and look absolutely amazing doing it.