Santa Skips You: 6 Things People Born In December Know To Be True

by Anaies

Ah, December.

It is known as the most wonderful time of the year.

People celebrate the holidays with full of cheer and gladness, by buying their loved ones with presents, attending parties or going out with family and friends.

For others, however, Christmas is not the only occasion they celebrate that month.

There are those who have their birthdays, too, during this time of the year.

Isn't that double the wonder?

As a December baby, I have to say, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

Here are six things December birthday celebrators understand all too well:

1. Gifts are a 50/50 thing.

Since December is a time to celebrate Christmas, it is only natural for others to give gifts to people they know as a sign of their love and appreciation toward them.

For someone who celebrates his or her birthday during December, you might think that means double the presents.

Sadly, that isn't the case for everyone.

Half of the people I know give me one gift and say, "Hey, this gift is my birthday and Christmas present to you."

Others give me two or three gifts if they have enough money to do so.

Sadly, it's never the best of both worlds for us.

2. You'll never know if your visitors are available to celebrate with your or not.

Since December is the busiest month, due to the Christmas shopping rush, insane traffic and the preparations that need to be done, December babies are never certain how many guests will arrive to their birthday party.

Sometimes (or usually), dates are changed to accommodate most of the guests invited. Who would want to have a birthday party with only two to five guests, right?

3. Eating out to celebrate your birthday is never a good idea, and may not even possible.

Restaurants and other fancy places to eat out can be tough during December.

People may book in advance or are lucky enough to reserve seats on the last minute if there is an available space for just a few people.

Walk-ins are the worst too, because practically every restaurant in town is full of people eating with their families and friends.

In the end, having a party at home is the most convenient if December babies aren't fortunate enough in finding a different place to celebrate.

4. The weather can be a bit unpredictable.

Even in a tropical country much like where I live, the weather is not always good enough to have a party outdoors.

Sometimes, rainstorms occur during this time of year (yes, climate change) while in other countries, snowstorms or blizzards are a huge hindrance to birthday celebrations.

When these natural occurrences happen, December celebrators are forced to change the date of their party (again), which leads to problems such as number two and three (again).

The struggle is real.

5. On the bright side (not), you never have to think about the theme of your party.

Since Christmas decorations are already up, whether you're going to have a party at home or some place else, you don't have to worry about buying various decorations.

Sure, you can add balloons, streamers and other items for your party, but the decor usually consists of garlands, a Christmas tree, stockings, ornaments, Christmas lights and any kind of Christmas decorations are normally seen during December.

You still end up with a Christmas-themed birthday party every single year. I'm not even sure if it really is a birthday celebration or just one of those mini reunions with family and friends before Christmas.


6. Despite the challenges December babies face, we are fortunate enough to celebrate with the people closest to our hearts.

It may be a bummer to have a lot of problems when it comes to planning birthday parties in December, but these won't change the fact that December is still the most wonderful time of the year to be with loved ones.

It feels like a whole month of birthday celebration, right?

How heavenly.

To all December celebrators, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!