We're All Paranoid

by Evelyn Pelczar

We’re all living in fear. We allow ourselves to become shackled by our problems and we worry too much. We’re all infatuated with the endless possibilities of impending doom and all of the horrible things that could happen. Well, news flash: your neighbor is probably not a serial killer.

Rational thinking is something not enough people do. Instead of fighting off our initial reactions and fully evaluating a situation clearly, we get caught up in the possibility that the guy in the trench coat is up to no good. We are afraid of everyone.

Human interaction is a thing of the past. Quite frankly, it’s sad that our initial judgment of a stranger is that they are a drug addict or a convicted felon. We think that people live with the intent to hurt rather than to do good.

Now, granted, there are some bad eggs out there. However, these few people spoil the lot. Give people the benefit of the doubt and don’t judge them.

Stop being afraid of people. Leave the security of texting, have a real conversation. The late night discussions with your closest friends are going to be the ones you remember. Your cell phone allows you to stay connected, but it should not be your preferred method of communication. You need to cultivate your people skills. You’re not going to improve yourself as a person until you step out of your comfort zone.

We have been misled to believe that everything, everywhere is going crazy. We’re agoraphobic because the world is deemed too scary, we don’t go out anymore. We sit in our house and let our world get smaller and smaller. We avoid human contact. The story of your life might be pretty boring if the only characters are you and your computer. Think the Internet is good for meeting or talking to people? Why don’t you ask Manti Te’o.

We choose to stay connected to the world through social media instead of getting out and living. Facebook does allow us to keep in touch with people, but it should not be used to see whether or not your ex-girlfriend is seeing a new guy. Stop stalking what other people do and live your own life.

Besides, their profile is probably leading you to believe that they are having a much better time than they actually are. Remember, everyone smiles for a picture.

Those who achieve success are not worried about what other people are doing or thinking. You should only focus on your life, and what you’re doing with it. Most of us view society as an evil place. While you should never look to offload blame from yourself, the media do influence our level of paranoia.

Americans love drama and the tragic stories on the News. The media tend to focus on the murders and crimes in your area, instead of reporting the anonymous donation given to the local hospital.  This makes us believe that society is much worse than it actually is.

Unfortunately, News stations get improved ratings for covering tragic events. What you need to remember is that everything is dramatized.  The media have us so shaken up that we can’t go to the beach without thinking we’re going to be attacked by a shark. In reality, vending machines kill more people each year than sharks do.

The point is, things are not as bad as they seem. Don’t let fear cripple your thoughts. Instead, let your imagination run wild with your dreams.

It’s time to get off of your cell phone and talk face to face with someone. Learn to live life clear of judgment and give people a chance. Don’t be afraid to begin a conversation with a stranger and to welcome people to start one with you. Human interaction is a necessary part of life, so conquer your fear today.

If you’re going to leave your mark on this Earth, you need to influence people. How are you going to inspire the world without being able to communicate with a real person?

James Simkins | Elite.