We're Not Unicorns: 6 Things All Virgins Want You To Know

by Simone Robinson

As society deems it, one of the hardest things to be in life — especially in college — is a virgin.

From crazed comic book fans to childish, nighttime teddy bear-cradlers, we are depicted as a group of weirdos who need to get laid fast.

In college, we’re either depicted as gold mines waiting to be scored and struck to appease someone’s tally, or we're seen as oddly innocent creatures worth saving from ultimate social distress through the popping of our cherries.

To be quite frank, these may all be pretty real situations.

But for the most part, they don’t cover the wide variety and range of virgins who exist on this planet.

So, here are some raw and realistic truths about the often misunderstood virgin, as told by a virgin:

1. We get horny.

When you're a virgin, people automatically think you're this innocent, untainted animal, reminiscent of Bambi.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing is wrong with our libidos.

Not all of us are wide-eyed animals that are suitable for petting.

We also get horny, and we may even like to masturbate with a vibrator every once in a while.

2. We have sexual fantasies.

Contrary to popular belief, we think about sex just as much as anyone else.

We undress you with our eyes, and we fantasize about all the ways our celebrity, campus and neighborhood crushes can do us.

But, we all have a limit.

We know the grass only seems greener or excitingly kinkier on the other side, so we don't actually seek to hop over the fence.

We leave our fantasies where they belong: locked away behind our chastity belts where all the other fun stuff is.

That is, until we find a suitable partner.

3. We are educated in sex.

A small percentage of us might not know exactly what we want yet.

But, I can assure you that we are skilled researchers.

We become well-educated by gathering information from cheesy romance novels, online forums, informative sex articles and, well, porn.

Yes, we watch porn.

4. We are okay without sex.

There's a social stigma surrounding the sexed-up and the sexless, particularly on college campuses.

If you have sex, you magically become an “addict” overnight.

But if you're sexless, there's definitely something wrong with you.

This is something you need to fix drastically because it's unhealthy and — let's not forget — prudish.

We're expected to want or desperately yearn for sex.

But the truth is, we actually have a life and identity outside of being virgins.

In more direct and unapologetic terms, we are not defined by our virginities.

5. We are not afraid of sex.

People typically believe our lack of taking action in the sex department is also due to fear.

But the truth is, not all of us are intimidated or afraid of having sex.

In fact, sex may very well be the one avoiding us like a plague because it's intimidated by our strong wills or our insane cases of RBF.

6. We don't all believe in marriage.

Here's a shocker: Not every young women aspires to get married.

Therefore, the idea that saving ourselves for our husbands is the main factor driving us to be virgins is completely false.

Some young women have alternative reasons, including waiting until they graduate, getting into a serious and meaningful relationship with a man or woman or reaching a specific state of spirituality.

These reasons might not seem logical to you, but that's okay.

We're all different, and we all deserve the chance to do things at the right time, when we are willing and wholeheartedly able to do so.