This New Product Is Meant To Solve Your Boob Sweat Problems, But Like, Will It?

Ta-Ta Towel/Facebook

Among a variety of physical discomforts women must endure, the reality of boob sweat is one of them. It's simply a truth of these humid summer days -- no matter how often you shower, or how air-conditioned a room may be, the chesticles have an unfortunate habit of perspiring even more than the rest of the body sometimes.

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and so came along an entrepreneur to solve the evils of breast perspiration.

Behold, the Ta-Ta Towel: a backless halter bikini top made of terry-cloth and elastic to solve all your boob sweat problems.

This weird but possibly genius product works by cupping your under-boobs and keeping them suspended, as if they're resting in two small, supportive hammocks.

The point of the Ta-Ta towel, which costs $45, is that your boobs can be held gently and kept dry while you go about your business getting ready, whether you're applying moisturizer before work, or winging your eyeliner before a fun night out.

These boob-savers come from the mind of Erin Robertson, who shared on the Ta-Ta Towel website that the idea came to her after a particularly sweaty preparation for a date.

She wanted something to wear that both guarded against the dampness that often plagued her breasts, but also something that felt free, comfortable, and maybe, just maybe, kind of cute.

She taught herself to sew on YouTube and made prototypes that she gave to friends. When it cleared a friend's under-boob chafing, Robertson knew she'd struck gold.

Not surprisingly, social media has had a splendid time with such a practical, but admittedly unusual, homespun product.

And you better believe Robertson patented the idea stat, although some have resolved to create their own interpretations:

One can't deny the humor of the towels, while also acknowledging the niche necessity.

And, like most unique ideas, many have wished they had thought of it first.

Now, would I personally feel like I'm living my breast life wearing one of these?

It's hard to say.

But customer testimonials call it a “god send,” and another says “my boobs never loved me more.”

And since the product has already sold out its three styles (with more on the way, panic not) it seems many women do, in fact, crave an easy way to keep their ta-tas dry.

Additionally, an unexpected use for the towels has transpired: Some customers have told Robertson the towel is really helpful when it comes to the often messy process of breastfeeding, and it helps to minimize irritation of sensitive nipples.

IMO, that actually seems like the greatest victory of the product overall.

For now, when it comes to my own sweaty chesticles, I think I'll stick with baby powder.