The New Moon In Virgo Could Have Each Sign Feeling Ready To Reinvent Themselves

by Rosey Baker
Leander Nardin/Stocksy

On Sept. 20, 2017, there will be a new moon in the sign of Virgo. If you don't know what that means, anyone who practices lunar astrology can tell you that the new moon is your chance to achieve your goals, but the sign that the moon is in will influence the types of goals you'll want to set for yourself. New moons are a potent opportunity, and this new moon September 2017 in Virgo will have everyone ready to reinvent themselves. But in order to increase the potency of the new moon, we must adjust our sails to fit the wind, and when the wind is being blown by the sign of Virgo, it's very particular.

The most important thing is to understand the sign of Virgo, because it's often extremely misunderstood. What passes for common knowledge about Virgo is that they're judgmental *ssholes without any tact, and that they're perfectionists. But they're also gifted at discriminating between what is a constructive use of energy, at rolling up their sleeves and getting down to active work on a project without skipping any necessary steps, at applying their attention to detail by making a list and congratulating themselves and others on accomplishments that seem small, but contribute to the larger picture. In other words, this sign is the perfect one for setting new moon goals and getting those goals accomplished.

Here are the Virgo-ish types of goals you'll want to set in order to work with this new moon as best as you can.

Start A New Health Routine

Virgo is associated with the sixth house of daily activities, work regimens, and responsibilities that we have to others, including pets, our employers, and ourselves. Many Virgos might feel as though their lives are completely controlled by these responsibilities, that they never get to have any fun because the area of their life that they are controlled by is the sixth house. These things can weigh heavily on us if we don't take care of ourselves, so it's important to keep yourself accountable to a self-care regimen as well. You might feel as though you don't have time for any of that, but the energy of a new moon in Virgo will provide the extra boost of motivation (and clarity of mind) you need to follow through.

Research Your Life

Virgos excel at making lists, so use the new moon to take advantage of their methods. Take some time to make a list of everything in your life that takes up the majority of your time. Check which of those things actually bring you joy, and put a minus sign next to the things that don't. Then reprioritize, wherever possible, what you do with that time. How can you improve the areas of life you feel drained, and how can you shift your schedule to make more time for the things that don't?

As for your new health regimen, do some research behind what you're doing so that you can do it well. If you want to grow out your hair and you need to start taking vitamins to do it, research which ones will work best. Make doctors appointments to see where your diet might lack in the necessary vitamins and minerals, and then ask for recommendations about what brands of supplements you might take to improve those levels.

Eliminate Waste

Lastly, Virgo is all about conservation on both a global and personal scale. Also on a global and personal scale, energy conservation is about eliminating waste. Therefore, at the time of this new moon, you will most likely want to look into what — or who — is wasting your energy, and how to get rid of it.

Yes, this might include removing yourself from certain social situations. If there are people around you who take up too much of your time and who don't inspire you to work harder and to expand your life in productive ways, you may have to pull away from them. Often, this doesn't even involve sitting down to have a conversation. In fact, these types of people often fall by the wayside when you occupy your time by making positive changes in your own life. That's because people who are stuck often subconsciously want to be there — and seeing you making improvements reminds them that they have a choice in the matter.

Over the next six months, you'll see these changes taking place in your life, and in true Virgo fashion, you might want to pick up a journal and log your progress. See what happens.