5 People You Absolutely Need In Your Squad To Survive Your Late 20s

Simone Becchetti

What's life without a squad? As the saying goes, you are who you surround yourself with. As you hit your late 20s, it's essential for Millennials to surround themselves with friends who are all individually unique, yet unite together to create an effervescent squad that helps them thrive through the rest of their 20s and beyond.

Here are five types of people you should aim to find and keep in your circle of life:

1. The Responsible Yoda

This is the one friend you may meet up with for coffee once a year to catch up, and then you go back to your normal life. There are no expectations, however, you see this person as a role model and inspiration.

You look up to this person, who is much older than you and gives your life perspective. This person makes you come out of your bubble and see the bigger picture life has to offer, so you don't sweat the small stuff.

Since this person has already been through more of life than you have, he or she usually has some words of wisdom for you. And in that way, this person is essential to keeping in your squad. These people are your smartest friends with years of work experience, real-life struggles, accomplishments, etc., making them the people we turn to in times of need. We look to them to gain a fresh sense of who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

They are the friends with no expectations, and you only need a sit down once or twice a year to pick up exactly where you left off. They remind you to check back into reality, tell you things will be OK and remind you that you're making things a much bigger deal than they need to be.

The wise and levelheaded Yoda weighs out your pros and cons. “Do or do not, there is no try," this person says.

2. The Spiritual Soul Sister

This is that one friend, family member or colleague who texts you inspiring quotes here and there to lifts your spirits. Whether religious or spiritual, this person keeps your soul pumping with life and brings to the table a mysterious zest to life.

These people are the peacemakers that see what life is all about outside of work and education. They remind you to live and what actual living feels like.

When your spirits are down and your faith just isn't in the right place, they tap into your inner soul and know how to make you not only believe in yourself, but to also see the beauty the world has to offer. You can always rely on a spiritual junkie to awaken your soul and be a constant reminder to breathe. These people remind you that everything will be all right if you stay positive.

The stars are aligned for you and your path, they say. Trust the process. They tap into your subconscious and make room for personal growth when you thought there wasn't even any there at the time. Keep them around not only in times of need, but also when you need to relax and remind yourself to be grounded in the all the chaos life throws at you.

3. The Outgoing Social Butterfly

These are the friends who break down your walls and who make you come out of your shell and embrace your inner shyness. Because sometimes, you just need to let loose and have some fun. They adopt your introverted self into their extroverted lives and make you live a little.

Although cuddling up in bed with Netflix and a pizza on a Friday night sounds all too enticing, these are the people you can call up any night. They are always up for a night on the town filled with dancing, meeting new people and creating new life experiences.

Maybe you need to vent, or maybe you just want to forget your problems at work for a few hours. Whatever the case, you'll definitely have a good time with this friend who loves to share jokes, make you laugh and have a good time.

These people make you realize it's not just about fun and games. There's an entire world out there we haven't explored yet. They spice things up, keep us on our toes and make life exciting.

The world is full of millions of people we haven't even socially interacted with yet. This social butterfly teaches us a thing or two by making us step out of our comfort zones. This person is an essential addition to the squad.

4. The Outdoors Adventure Buddy

Because what is life without some adventure? You can always call on this person for Sunday morning hikes to waterfalls or a trip to the museum. This person taps into your inner thrill seeker and allows you to realize that sometimes, life is about taking risks and feeling that adrenaline rush.

You plan vacations together, including trips to Europe and the Bahamas, and you travel all across the globe. "Live in the moment," this person says.

5. The Protégé

Because sometimes, you need to be a mentor and have a younger person in your life who needs your wisdom and advice. This person looks up to you, and he or she watches every move you make and wants to imitate them. It's not because these people are not original, but because they value your opinions, actions and thoughts.

These people can also help keep you in the loop of what's cool and hip as you head toward your late 20s. It's essential to have these people in your life to nurture and support your late 20s.

To sum this all up, your squad matters. So, who will make it into yours?