The Truth About Self Esteem


As you wander through your day and casually catch your reflection, there can be only two possible reactions: Either you love what you see or you don’t.

Self-esteem has always been an extremely sensitive topic that is usually discussed with a sugarcoated approach, when in reality, it is one of the most vital and serious facets of the human experience. Whether you love yourself or not can greatly affect how the rest of your life unfolds.

Most tend to forget that self-esteem primarily deals with the self, not so much with those around you as others might to believe.

There are thousands of overbearing individuals who are quick to point at bullying and abuse as the main sources of a low self-esteem.

Yet, although neither bullying nor abuse is condoned, not enough attention is being given to how we can teach people how to love themselves.

Let’s face it, it's in our nature to outcast any differences to societal standards at first glance. Social psychologists and anthropologists spend their entire lives studying these behaviors, which will never cease to exist. Nevertheless, the beauty and importance in being different is rarely noted.

America has always had a huge problem with facing reality. Our country has spoiled us into believing that life should be fair to everyone, when this simply couldn't be farther from the truth. Being different will certainly come with hardships along the way, but they are meaningless with a strong self-esteem.

Any obstacle --whether financial, social, or physical—can be overcome with a strong sense of self worth and self-love. How do you think all these “rags to riches” stories come to be? At the end of the day, no matter the adversity, these individuals maintained their faith within themselves.

Unfortunately, a low self-esteem is attractive to the youth. Thanks to all these degrading “reality” shows, participants with low self-esteem usually get more camera time, become more remembered and evidently more famous.

To the youth, fame and high status is the key to happiness, which, as anyone who has these things will tell you, is only a myth at best.

The truth of the matter is that none of us are perfect and that’s where our uniqueness stems from. One of our weaknesses may be someone else’s strength.

Love every single one of your abilities and faults for they make you the single individual that is you. We only get one life and ultimately one chance to be all that we can. Be Brilliant. Be yourself. Be Elite.

Misaell Cabral | Elite.