This Comic Perfectly Illustrates Why We Can't Let Time Pass Us By

As Bob Dylan once said, "time is an ocean and it ends at the shore." We think we have unlimited time to get our sh*t together and figure out what we want to do with our lives.

If you're anything like me, you tell yourself: "I'll start that diet Monday," "I'll call my dad back tomorrow," "I'll watch 'Real Housewives' for an hour and then I'll read a book."

When we wait to accomplish what it is we want to get done, things end up falling to the side, and eventually forgotten. The society we live in fervently encourages people to buy products that are just fun, delicious and diminish our responsibilities to ourselves.

In an effort to indulge ourselves and take the easy way out, we end up making temporary fixes for problems that will just keep resurfacing, preventing us from achieving our goals.

Read this comic strip, have a revelation and go outside and live your life.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur