There Are Two Types Of People In This World: Realists And Dreamers, Which Are You?

by Lauren F.

There are two types of people that you will encounter in life: the dreamers and the realists. Each type offers disparately strong beliefs, values and opinions. But classifying yourself as one of these types might be a tall order because you may outwardly believe you are a certain way, while at your core, you may be completely different.

For example, I am outwardly a realist. I want to focus on a job that will support me, and that someday, will support a family. I seek to earn enough money so that I can pay for whatever expenses the lifestyle I seek necessitates. Deep down, however, I fancy myself a dreamer. I have big visions of having a job that makes me happy, despite the low salary it may offer. I want to be romantic and travel the world with my lover without needing to label the relationship. I want to ignore the unsolicited opinions that other people offer and feel confident enough to voice my opinions unapologetically.

But regardless of personal type, people should consistently work to improve themselves. The way in which this consistent growth transpires, though, may relate to whether a person is more dominantly a realist or a dreamer.

The Dreamers

People say that it’s best to get all of your carefree dreams out of your system during youth, when life’s responsibilities haven’t completely yet manifested. That if you don’t do certain things now, you’ll be overcome with regret when you’re older and don’t have the flexibility in life to explore. Your 20s are supposed to be your selfish years during which you should push yourself from your comfort zone and find yourself.

Once dreamers finally reach their 20s, however, most of them are still trying self-discover; finding oneself is no easy task. Dreamers seek a simple, worry-free life. They sometimes consider other peoples’ perspectives, but mostly, they stick to their own visions. They’re masterful at coming across as more confident and self-assured than they probably are in actuality.

Regarding love, dreamers generally feel one of two ways. Maybe they seek to find a partner and fall in love in some whirlwind passion that incorporates adventure and impulse. They don’t subscribe to everyone else’s worries that the love story is irresponsible and unsustainable. Dreamers live for the present, and if presently they are in love, that’s the priority. Alternatively, dreamers may seek multiple lovers. Not one-night stands — lovers. The love is real and tangible, but both parties accept the idea that it is possible to love multiple people simultaneously.

A dreamer shares personal dreams with so much excitement that it’s contagious. Dreamers may get riled up when cynics seem leery of their plans; to non-dreamers, these plans don’t seem like plans at all, but rather, fantasies. While dreamers may feel alone and unsupported by doubters, they derive their inspiration from within. No one else’s perspectives weigh in greatly enough to shift a dreamer’s drive. Dreamers don’t allow their fears to consume them; they may fail from time to time, but they never give up on life or love.

The Realists

When times are tough, the realists may wallow. However, while they exhibit stress externally, they remain strong to the core. Realists adhere to a schedule or plan. They work diligently — whether at a job, in a relationship or any other task at hand — and exude the notion that they have everything under control.

After graduating from college, realists stick to the “what’s next” plan for the future. This may mean going to graduate school or getting a job that leads to the next checkpoint on life’s path, and the associated focus never falters. Maybe the plan is to work enough to afford a three-bedroom house with a family, a car and an annual holiday card. Realists may not abstractly consider different possibilities for where life can lead because of the confidence they have already devoted to an accepted plan.

While dreamers are more on the impulsive side, realists are more stubborn. Realists have dreams too, but these are more so rooted in ambition, drive and determination. They are goals that have been enumerated for some time. Realists understand that progress requires more than ambition and drive, but also, connections. They feel that life is never worry free because of survival, responsibility and... rent.

Both realists and dreamers see light at the end of tunnels, but in much different ways. But regardless, in order to get through life’s struggles and the leaps of faith, it’s important to remain true to yourself.

Photo credit: Listing Lists