The Ten Ways You Limit Your Full Potential

We all work our hardest, right? It’s society, the government, and the job market that is preventing us from success, correct? Actually, that’s not true. We limit ourselves every day in many ways that we might not even notice. If you are seeking to unleash your true potential, read on to discover the ten ways that you might be preventing yourself from getting what you want.

1. Fearing Hard Work

Let’s face it; no one enjoys working hard unnecessarily. Hell, many of us even hate working hard even when the work is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately there are seldom few individuals who can attain the wealth you’re seeking without putting forth a rather sizable effort. And unless you’re already in possession of a black card, you certainly should not be afraid of hard work. Trust us, you will remain stuck exactly where you are unless you make marked change in your work ethic.

2. Fearing Failure

If you have not gotten the message yet, let me reiterate it for you: failure is inevitable in many cases. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just cannot get the outcome you initially desired. The faster you are able to embrace failure as an unpreventable result of certain situations, the better off you will be. Now this is not to say that one should become complacent with failure, but many of us become instantly dissuaded from our pursuits the moment things turn sour. Bumps in the road should be viewed as such: simply bumps in the road. Do not allow yourself to be turned away from potential opportunities because you are stuck on a past failure.

3. Procrastination

Generation-Y is a generation burdened by a poor work ethic. Due to our acclimation to various forms of instant gratification like MacBook Pros, the internet, and iPhones, we now endlessly procrastinate. Why would you begin research for your assignment in advance when you can research and copy-and-paste all of the information you need with a few clicks? Why would anyone make a purchase the week before the item is needed when it can be overnighted from Amazon a day before? Unfortunately this procrastination is detrimental. Remember, if you are going to do an assignment, you should do it properly. Cutting corners with your work will always come back to haunt you.

4. Being “Politically Correct”

I do not understand the concept of being politically correct. Now I do understand that some statements are offensive and better left unsaid, but it bewilders me when I ponder the fact that people would rather have a unanimous, accept view on a given topic instead of discourse. If a guy Is racist and makes inflammatory statements, would you rather he mask them and pretend not to hold prejudiced views or make them known? Personally, I’d rather know the truth; I don’t want to associate with individuals secretly harboring hate, but masking it for the sake of political correctness.

5. Seeking The Approval Of Others

The last thing you should be doing is seeking the approval of others. Anything you do or any decision you make should be influenced by your sound judgment, not what others will think of you. There will be many times when the decision that is best for you might not align with popular opinion, but nonetheless you should not let that dissuade you. In the end, the only person you should be seeking to impress is you. Those other people? Well, they’ll still be talking as you’re laughing your way to the bank.

6. Losing Sight Of The Big Picture

As a generation that has been coddled by our parents and instructors with awards for “best effort”, “most improved”, and other contrived awards to appease those who put forth a lackluster performance, we are easily turned away by one setback. However devastating this setback might seem at the time, it too will pass. It is imperative to ensure that your eyes remain affixed on the big picture if you are to remain motivated. You might not see progress day to day, but when you take a step back and look how much you have accomplished in a year, you might just find yourself happily surprised.

7. Refusing To Do Work Outside Of What Is Required Of You

So you want to do the bare minimum, huh? That’s fine, but you certainly should not expect to get very far by doing so. In any position, from sports to finance, a multitalented, hardworking individual is always preferred over an employee who simply fulfills his obligation. When it is time to begin consideration for wage raises who do you believe your boss will have in mind? Will it be you, the person who has fulfilled the requirements of his position to a T, or your competitor, the person who has fulfilled these requirements and gone beyond to take on other responsibilities? I think we both know the answer to this question.

8. Uncontrolled Spending

We are never satisfied. It is akin to lust–once we accomplish the goal at hand, the worth of the item rapidly diminishes in our eyes. We seem incapable of resisting what we want even in circumstances when this desire directly contradicts what we need. Now while that trip to Ibiza or those new Louboutins might seem necessary today, you would be better served to save your wealth. Remember: you can always take those trips when you actually have the wealth to fund them.

9. Becoming Complacent With Life

This is one of the worst traps one can fall into. I don’t care who you think you are, you do not deserve to laze around all day. Even billionaire tycoons continue to expand their businesses and better themselves. If the wealthiest men and women of the world seek to improve themselves, there is no way you should not be doing the same.

10. Attempting To Follow The Path Of Another

So you saw a documentary about the world’s greatest tycoons and read a biography about Steve Jobs. Congratulations. That is nice and all, but you are not these individuals. Despite your best efforts, attempting to recreate their business model or path to success will likely result in failure. It is just an enormous waste of your time, I assure you. You must stray off the beaten path and find what works for YOU, not emulate what works for another. Once you find your niche, you will be successful, even if that success does not manifest itself financially.