You Only Realize Your True Strength When Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have

by Paul Hudson

Do you ever take the time to just stop and be amazed at how incredible human beings actually are?

I do – not so much at the people themselves as individuals, but rather amazed at people as a species, as animals. We are capable of things that neither you nor I can yet comprehend.

We can create change in ways that no other living thing can. We are capable of bringing about things that otherwise would have never had a chance of existing.

If there is a ceiling to what we can accomplish, it isn’t a low one. Human beings are immensely powerful creatures. As far as the battle for the animal kingdom goes, we’ve won. And we’ve won by a landslide.

We’ve conquered the planet and there is no way that we will ever lose it to another species originating from this planet. Whether or not we will destroy ourselves is another question, but I will leave that for another time.

As far as potential goes, we have nearly no limits whatsoever. When we reach for the stars, we will dance among the gods.

We can do anything. Literally anything. These things, however, do take time. And, unfortunately, in order to get to where we want to go or to get to what we want to create, we have to work together as an intellectual collective, building upon that which previous generations of thinkers have built before us.

I say "unfortunately" because the sad truth is that the majority of individuals are lazy and useless human beings. Majority may be a stretch, but when you factor in the fact that millions upon millions of people will never have the opportunity to do great things with their lives, to do what they were born to do, we are left with a world filled with people that will never create anything meaningful.

This is purely fact – not opinion. Most of you will do nothing with your lives. Most of you will allow life to roll by you, never taking the time to feel and interact with the music. Most of you are pointless. Most of you are too stupid or too afraid to tap into that potential – the potential for greatness that lies within each of us.

People are incredibly competitive and while competition has many benefits, it also has its downsides. Highly regulated, ethical and compassionate competition is what fuels greatness. But not everyone will play by the rules. Many don’t understand that the point of winning isn’t winning – it’s creating that which deserves to win.

In the grand scheme of things, people only matter as much as the things they do and create matter. If we do and create nothing, or do and create nothing worth creating, then we are nothing more than landfill. Sadly, that is the result of most of our endeavors.

The world consists of countless good people – there are plenty of us out there. But what few seem to understand – or refuse to accept – is that when you are dealing with sharks, you need to bring your own set of teeth.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, unless it’s for a little extra backup. Most importantly, be prepared to fight because fight you will, regardless of whether or not you know you’re in the battle. Human beings are fighters; we fight against the world, we fight against each other, and we fight against ourselves.

The latter is the most crucial of battles and the one battle that most people lose. Whether it’s due to fear, due to laziness, due to stupidity, due to ignorance, or what have you, doesn’t make a difference.

It all boils down to the fact that most people don’t believe in themselves – most people undervalue themselves and undervalue their capabilities.

You have immense untapped resources that you have access to. You just need to figure out a way to convince yourself that tapping into them is what you need to do – that tapping into those skills, into that strength, is what you must do.

People really only seem to find strength when finding strength is the only option. When circumstances necessitate it, the impossible miraculously becomes possible.

The undoable becomes the only option and when you only have one option, you succeed. You will find your strength when you believe that you need to find that strength. You’ve surely experienced glimpses into your potential throughout your life, when even you were amazed at your own work.

The potential is there. You have immense power… you just chose not to utilize it. You’re like a goldmine with no miners. A Ferrari with no fuel. You have no reason to be amazing, so instead you’re average.

I hate average – I f*cking despise it.

Not because average can’t be great, but because when it comes to humans, the way things stand now, average is a waste of life. You are wasting away day to day because you can’t seem to find a reason to be great. You can’t find a reason to motivate yourself and use that strength that you have – that we all have.

You’re blind. You don’t see the reality that you actually live in – you only see the parts that you wish to see. The truth of the matter is that you really only have one option.

It is a matter of life and death. You have no other way out because living a useless, miserable, boring and unproductive life is not living life at all.

To live is to be strong, to fight for what’s yours, and to be great. Anything short of that is garbage. You only have one option, and that option is finding your strength and taking over the world.

Photo Courtesy: Haven Press

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