Simone Becchetti

20 Quotes That Will Lift You Up When You Feel Like A Chronic F*ckup


One of the most difficult aspects of growing up is learning how to forgive yourself after you’ve screwed up.

It’s much easier to forgive other people; we learn to do that as children. As we mature, we also grow to realize when people hurt or betray us, it’s not a reflection on our shortcomings, it’s a product of the other person’s insecurities and flaws.

We’re all only human, bound to mess up from time to time. Holding grudges is bad for the soul.

But it’s a lot harder to employ this logic when you’re the one who’s messed up. Whether you’ve been self-destructive or inflicted hurt upon others, forgiving yourself often proves to be decidedly difficult. With each new transgression, you find yourself recounting all of your past mistakes, telling yourself you’re nothing but a chronic f*ckup. Even if you’ve been forgiven by those you hurt, you continue to lambast yourself for your actions.

This mentality is exceptionally counterproductive and misleading. No matter what you’ve done, you are more than capable of turning your life around. You’re never beyond redemption, and you’re not alone.

When people are hurting inside, they have a tendency to believe no one else in the history of the human race has been so pathetic or downtrodden. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not that special. Countless individuals before you have messed up in the very same fashion, if not worse.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward. Take responsibility for your actions but also learn to let go when the time comes.

Dwelling on the past eliminates any chance of taking advantage of the present. You can’t build a better future if you’re continuously stuck in moments long gone.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded the best parts of life wouldn't be as sweet without intermittent struggle. The key to survival is learning to laugh at the universe's inherent chaos.

There will be good times and bad times, joy and pain, laughter and tears, victory and defeat, and you shouldn’t want it any other way. To never make mistakes is to never take risks, and that’s no way to live. You won’t get anywhere in this world if you’re not willing to step out the door at the beginning of each day.

But if these words have failed to stir you and you’re feeling particularly lost at present, here are 20 quotes that will undoubtedly lift your spirits.

They all help reveal a fundamental truth about being human: We’re all f*ckups in our own way, but it’s what makes us interesting: