An Open Letter To The People Who Dare To Want More Out Of Life

To the people who are ready for change and success:

Usually I write from a very opinionated point of view in a soft-spoken and subtle way; the following is going to be quite different. Every day, when I’m in my community, I hear people complain about life — how they could have done so much more, how back in their “prime,” they were amazing athletes and wish they stuck through it. Well, why the hell didn’t they?

I’ve asked every one of the regretful people “why?” and the response is always the same: The money wasn’t good enough and nobody else was doing it, so they followed the trend. They had a chance, but killed their dreams. From a young age, most of the people close to me in my life have been doing the same exact thing — I dare to be different.

So, this is a vow that I dare you to take: Live YOUR dreams. Make them a reality.

No matter how much you read and how much advice you take, it starts with one person: you.

Take these tips and do something you believe in -- make the promise to yourself that you will dig deep, no matter how hard times may seem. Do this every day and every night, define yourself and you WILL succeed. Success happens when you desire your dreams more than you fear your failures. Below are the ideals by which I live; I hope that it sparks something in you to do whatever it takes to become a musician, writer, athlete or inventor.

A special thank you goes to a dear friend for providing an embodiment of the motivation I need. Watching him follow through with his dreams reminds me that anything can happen.

1. “And at the end of the day we all make sacrifices — we have to make decisions and we have to roll the dice.”

Dig deep down and ask yourself every morning about who you want to become, the dreams you crave to realize and know that it’s time to begin. You need to taste it, smell it, see it and, most importantly, feel it in every moment. Understand your gift and know that it is yours to show the world. Don’t be afraid to be you.

 2. “I make my own mistakes; I’m doing what I can.”

Know that if you want to make it in this world, you can’t give one sh*t about what the people around you think about what you do. When they say it’s impossible and it’s never been done, show them that they’re wrong. People can only crush your spirit if you allow them to do it. You were born for greatness, but greatness only comes to those who fight for it.

3. “And when I’m all alone, you can find me writing these raps that I put together fighting my uncertainty.”

Know that there will always be people who have tried before and failed and others who have succeeded. Some people out there were born with natural gifts that will compete with what you can offer. They may have been born with more opportunities than what you have, so I ask you, what are you going to do to become better — excuse me — the best? What makes you stand out?

Anyone can succeed. You can succeed. Now, work your ass off! Only you can see your dream — only you.

The worst feeling you may ever experience is regretting the unknown factors of what could have been. Now, take this challenge and conquer the world.

All subtitles are lyrics found in the song "Reflections" by Lucid

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures/Wolf Of Wall Street