Why Not Living Up To Your Potential Is Actually Killing You

by Paul Hudson

People like to blame everyone and everything for their problems, their failures and their shortcomings.

Rarely are we willing to accept that the reasons we are who we are and live the life we live are the results of the decisions we ourselves make.

I believe people are primarily shaped by their surroundings, by their environments and by all that influences them.

At the same time, I believe in free will, which means no matter how sh*tty your situation, you have the ability to change it.

You have the ability to change yourself and your life; whether or not you choose to do so is up to you. Chances are, the most toxic thing in your life is all your untapped potential.

It's why you haven't developed self-control.

Each of us has the ability to control ourselves to a relatively high extent. Of course, having control of our thoughts, our mindset, our actions and our realities takes a lot of work; it isn’t easy and almost never comes naturally.

Although it may come more naturally to some as opposed to others, even the most “gifted” must focus and persist.

To control is to interact with a force and guide its energy in a certain direction. Controlling is not so much holding on to, but redirecting our thoughts and actions toward a specific purpose.

Having control of your body and your mind is the first step to having control over your surroundings. You have the potential to do so -- it’s already a part of you.

You just need to tap into that potential. And the only way to do so is by deciding, in every waking moment, to take control.

It's the reason you feel lost.

I know how it feels to wake up and feel as if you’re in someone else’s skin. I know how it feels to go about your day, hating every other moment.

I understand what it’s like to despise the things you’re doing, to hate the job you’re working, to wish you had friends worthy of holding the title. I know what it means to be lost.

I’m not the only one -- and neither are you. There is only one way to find yourself, to find your purpose in life and to find content: You need to become the person you know you need to be. You need to tap into that untapped potential and become the “you” of the future.

Most people never manage to grow into the individuals they ought to become. They will blame it on their circumstances or poor luck, but the truth is they are the ones choosing to accept failure.

It may be harder for some than it is for others, but every single one of us can be great. We just rarely choose to be.

It's how you can learn to understand and handle your emotions.

You have the potential to understand yourself completely. You have the ability to not only feel your emotions but to introspect, to dissect and to understand them as well. The person you are should not be a mystery to you…

The way you feel shouldn’t make you feel confused or unsure of yourself -- your emotions should supplement your reality, giving you a better, fuller understanding of both yourself and the way you see the world, your own personal reality.

People love letting their emotions carry them away, like the wind carries the birds -- it makes us feel as if we can relinquish control and float along with little conscious effort. We’re always trying to escape, to get our feet off the ground and into the clouds.

Emotion feels like purpose, but it isn’t. Emotion ought to help you understand your purpose, but more often than not, we get addicted to the high it provides.

It holds your ability to face and conquer your fears.

We all have our fears. Some of us manage to get over them. Some of us pretend like they don’t exist and avoid them -- others allow their fears to run and ruin their lives.

Fear is just another emotion -- often a debilitating one, but nonetheless still only an emotion. It’s easy to forget, but the damage caused often proves to last a lifetime.

You can do just about anything you wish if you choose to do so. You may fail the first couple of times, maybe the first couple hundred of times even, but if you refuse to give up, then you will inevitably succeed.

Facing our fears is one of the most important things we can do. Why? Because, in most cases, what we fear is what we want the most.

It's the reason you are stuck where you are.

People want progress -- in every facet of life. We all want to do better, be better and have a better life. We’re all hoping and wishing for our lives to improve -- each and every one of us, in one way or another -- no exceptions.

Progress is not about getting a bigger paycheck, or a nicer car, house, or outfits. It’s not about possessions, or titles or any of that jazz. Progress relies solely on you and how you progress as an individual. The rest comes to fruition as a byproduct.

You have the potential to be great, but you choose not to be. That’s right, you CHOOSE not to be.

We make a choice every moment of every day on whether or not we are going to tap into and unleash our potential.

If you fail to do so, it’s because you refuse to do so. It’s not easy, but if you wish to one day feel fulfilled, happy and content, then it is necessary.

It's what’s keeping you from creating the life of your dreams.

Every day you decide to stay the person you are now, instead of searching within yourself for the best version you can potentially be, is another day wasted.

Failing to succeed isn’t really failure -- it’s a roadblock, a delay. Failing to tap into your potential is the end of the road.

Some people are more intelligent than others, but that can be changed. Some are wittier, funnier, better read, better learned, better groomed… that can also be changed.

Whatever person you want to be or life you want to lead is a possibility for you -- you have the potential to do and be whatever and whoever you want. Whether you break past your habits and stoicism is entirely up to you.

The sad truth is that the most toxic thing in your life is likely to be you.

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