The Limit Does Not Exist: 15 Ways Risk-Taking Makes Life Awesome

by Kylie Kennedy

If you could learn something completely new, every second of each minute, would you do it? Do you realize if we all did this, we would be geniuses?

I know learning something new every second is a bit of a long shot, but you should do your best to learn something new each day.

If you do something you’ve never done before, you will see the amazing value in learning and constantly challenging your brain.

Do you say "I can" or "I can't" more often?

Someone special once told me, "A basic life starts with 'can’t.' A successful life starts with “can."

For too many people, life is a chore; a chore to which we dread waking up. Instead of this, life should be all about the adventure that awaits us as the vibrant sun rises and shines every day.

Each morning, we need to wake up and appreciate the massive beacons of light that beam down at life on Earth.

We need to realize life is a journey, and unless we have the urge to make it everything we want and more, it will grow full with waiting and not enough doing.

Cut the nonsense; quit saying you can’t do something. We become convinced we’re incapable of things because we trick ourselves into thinking we can’t accomplish goals when, in reality, we can.

Anyone can accomplish anything.

We're all guilty of making excuses, but it’s time we cut those excuses out for good. Seize each day with a burning desire to grasp the simple things in life that make your heart and dreams flutter.

What are your dreams?

We all need to believe in ourselves and in our ability to do what we truly want to do. Don’t defeat yourself.

Don’t create this imaginary world in your head where you think opportunities don’t exist left and right. The golden secret is they do.

Here are 15 reasons why being courageous and taking risks will lead you to a life full of pure adventure:

1. You gain new perspectives.

Nothing is more valuable than having multiple perspectives on life. If you can see the world in every color of the rainbow, you’re on a successful path. If you’re a one-sided person, open yourself up to new views.

You will treasure many things this way.

2. You build new insights.

Not only do we gain new perspectives, but also build new insights. By taking more risks, our understandings of people and things become deeper than we could ever imagine.

Your capacity to build new insights is ever-growing

3. You realize, by doing this, you open up new doors for new opportunities.

Just by taking one risk, you give yourself the potential to open many other doors where opportunities await.

I wanted to learn what it was like to bus at a restaurant, just to see what it was like and why everyone complains about it.

I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, but I wanted to see what the commotion was about. I ended up meeting someone at this bussing job who recruited me for one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

Stepping through one uncomfortable door can lead to millions of opportunities.

4. You appreciate more things in life.

Life will simply become more valuable to you. You will cultivate a fond understanding to why people do what they do and say what they say.

Now, I’m not saying you will understand everyone or know everything, but you will amplify your ability to appreciate why people live as they do.

5. You create a piggybank filled with experience and everlasting memories.

Experience everything; say yes to all that comes your way. The best advice I can give is to never be afraid.

Taking risks means trusting outcomes and believing you will learn something from each extraordinary experience, no matter what.

6. That contagious smile will never leave your face.

Taking risks gives you a whole new reason to smile. You will see beauty and joy in everything because you begin to realize life is limitless.

7. You diversify yourself.

Once you take that leap of faith to try something that scares you, or you commit to trying something you never have before, you will come to understand diversity.

No two worlds are the same. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a day.

8. You awaken your mind.

Ideas will begin to flood your brain. You will envision life in ways you never thought of before.

Take advantage of your ideas; write them down, then turn them into gold.

9. You evolve and grow exponentially.

You will see your transformation and how electric your enthusiasm can be.

Show others how taking risks betters your life. Chances are, they will look up to you and do the same.

10. Your heart will grow fonder.

Adrenaline: It runs through our veins; our veins go straight to our hearts.

When I think about taking risks, I think of adventures. The thought of adventures and risk-taking will make you heart pulsate at the speed of light.

11. You become more intelligent.

You will begin to notice an auspicious nature about yourself. People will use words like courage, integrity and humility to describe you.

In other words, your ability to be clever will sparkle.

12. Adapting becomes an easy thing for you.

You become this adept person who is ready for it all. You will become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

After taking so many risks, nothing will scare you.

13. You come to understand your true self.

No words can describe the power of understanding yourself. You are divine in your own ways, just like everyone else is.

14. You learn to take initiative.

If you’re willing to do what makes the blood rush through your body, it’s likely you take initiative in most situations.

After all, you are in control of your actions.

15. You thrive in subsequent adventures.

Your heart aches for more adventures, so work to make your everyday life an adventure.

Try a new hobby. Try new foods. Try something a friend said was fun.

Trust you’ll learning something new, even if you end up never wanting to do it again.

Make every day feel like a victory; be courageous and create priceless memories because once you take initiative to start doing what makes you feel vivacious, you will fall in love with life.

When is the last time you tried something new?