Change Is Good: Why You Need To Fight Against Inertia

We all know the basic definition of inertia from high school science class -- something will keep doing exactly what it's doing unless a stronger outside force acts upon it to change its direction. Here's the catch though -- it's the same for people's lives as well.

We see it every day (or even experience it), people going back and forth to (for example) work every day, an hour in traffic in the morning, eight hours in the office, an hour drive back -- and what is there to do after that?

Sit in front of the TV and BAKE your brain because you're so exhausted from your day...just to get up and do it again in the morning. People are losing their sense of accomplishment, purpose and most of all PROGRESS. This is INERTIA acting on us as individuals, we simply continue on the same path unless something CHANGES.

I'm not saying to quit your job suddenly and go on some aimless adventure...but small, measurable steps in a different direction are always a good start. And of course not everyone is a victim of these circumstances, but many are.

Something as simple as a little hobby or a side business may be able to get you out of the trenches and into the action again. Without a defined sense of purpose or clear goal, what is there to look forward to? We are like a ship at sea without a destination, just going in circles not really sure why.

This is a recurring trend in my posts and that is for a reason: clear defined goals are the basis for any forward motion, otherwise you don't know in which direction you're going. But the desire to change course must come from within and be strong enough to overcome the inertia that is present all too often in our lives. We only go around once in this world (unless you believe in reincarnation), so make it count!

James Michael Sama | Elite.