How To Get Over The 3 Most Common Fears And Claim Your Success

by Tennile Cooper

You don't need permission to be great.

You don't ever start out as an expert.

You will fail and you will rise.

Fear is the number-one culprit of people with fallen dreams. Believing they cannot do the "impossible" even though man walked on the moon, Michael Jordan learned how to fly and now, Apple means so much more than the juicy red fruit we grew up snacking on.

At some point in your life, you will face the following three fears and you will have to deal with them. I get it, these are all legit fears. But, guess what? They're all bullsh*t, too.

These fears are major and will ruin you if you don't get it together:

Fear Of Not Being Good Enough

This fear destroys you from the inside out. These are the negative thoughts that politely tell you you're not smart enough, educated enough or qualified enough to get to or be *enter profession here.*

Knowing you have assets and skills that are valuable to another human being is enough. The road to success is paved with a mindset that you have value to share.

If you had the cure to cancer, would you keep it to yourself? Treat your assets and skills with the same care.

New mantra: I possess the necessary assets and skill to further my success. I am enough.

Fear Of What People Will Think

This ones a biggie. I struggled with this one a lot and to be honest, it kept me from sharing my talents to the world in the past.

I was the one in the background or playing second fiddle, but there is nothing wrong with shining and choosing to be Beyoncé instead of Michelle. (Who's Michelle?? Exactly.) Don't worry about what people will think of you, unless they're thinking, "You should go after what you want!"

Some people love to be the authority on all things, but your opinion is the only opinion that matters.

Everyone will have his or her own thoughts and opinion on things. They are entitled to them, but what they are not entitled to is naming your destiny. No one is in charge of that but you.

New mantra: I am consistently presented with new opportunities aligned with the vision I have for myself.

Fear That You Will Fail

Here's a little secret: It happens! Failure happens and so does success; they go hand in hand. Acknowledge this and it will set you free.

The most successful people in life have failed countless times. The main reason they became successful after all those failed attempts was they were persistent toward success and they kept getting back up. Eventually, failure WILL get tired of knocking you down and then, you will rise.

New mantra: I may fail, but I will rise.

Take on the new mantras to reverse some of the fears that were messing with you. Repeat them daily, especially when you start feeling the fear creeping back up.

This will keep fear at bay while you create a new mindset toward failure. When you perceive fear differently, it will no longer consume your thoughts or ruin your dreams. Thoughts are powerful things, so make sure you have the right ones swirling around in your head.

What fear has been a major pain for you? I'd love to hear in the comments below. What mantra do you already say or what new mantra will you make a part of your life now?